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Waking to Documentaries
Uuugh, I hate waking up feeling a mix of 'concrete-head', need for coffee, and the driving urge to make enough notes to not forget finite details about complex dreams. Then again, having to spend an hour researching what I saw, to try and make sense of it isn't always fun, either.

I had two 'events' last night. One was what appeared to be a 'conversation', the other a view with verbal 'talk-thru' of sorts.

I started the night (and oddly, ended it this morning) with the same thing. Someone, a calm disembodied male voice, telling me 'you have done your work, thank you, sincerely'. I remember replying 'you are welcome, but this changes nothing in terms of myself, I am done, and ask for nothing'.

I then felt peace, but another image came in the night - a great black bird with two heads. It looked like some coat-of-arms image I had seen sometime in the past. I heard, 'it was, and was not, but like Phoenix, seeks to live again. When it does, it must continue a short time, but not as it imagines itself, but as it was destined to do, and in its own fire, it will destroy itself. It sees itself 'holy', yet it is not. It is the embodiment of the seven sins in their purest, yet lies to say it is for the better of all. A man is chosen to lead this creature, yet the creature already knows its path and does not accept it. All will desire to guide it, to control it, yet none know the true path it has already been given. It will not travel the path they desire of it, nor that they believe they know lies ahead of it. It serves but one purpose, and the purpose is not theirs.'

I then watch as a black bird-like creature rises like black smoke from a barren plains. It forms into solid and like some goofy bird or old aircraft, wobbles as it runs, to gain speed so that it can take flight. One jumps astride of its  conjoined neck as it lifts into the air. The ground shatters like glass, as it appears to cause the whole globe to crack. It rises at a sharp angle into the air, but then plunges very fast into the ground. As it hits the ground, it becomes the shape of a coffin, hitting the ground like a missle. It penetrates the surface deeply. The one who rides atop the creature appears destroyed. As he falls, his mangled body becomes the national flags of dozens of countries, singed, laying on the ground. There are no people nearby, no troops, just this devastation.

I feel calmness now, no worries, it is good the bird is destroyed. I hear a faint, innocent melody far in the distance, and what sounds like children's voices happy and carefree.

Once again there is a void of a lull for me in the dream, and then calmly and peacefully I hear, 'thank you for your work'.


After waking and making sure I did as good as possible to remember the dialog given me, I did look up the bird I saw. It was the bird on the shield of the Holy Roman Empire (not to be confused with the Roman Empire). Charlemagne was the first ruler of this Empire, and Charles V was one of the last. It generally is comprised of Germany, Italy, Spain and France - but land-wise during its height, it was centered over-top of what the Bible calls 'Magog' (The Central Eastern-European Gateway into the Middle East that is predominantly Turkey now).

I feel that this is the 'Magog' warned of in prophecy, not Turkey or its actions, but the European Powers who ruled over this 'Empire' long ago. I take it that the 'Empire' will soon rise again with a single leader, carrying the coat-of-arms of 'The Holy Roman Empire' once again, but as the voice said, it will not do, act or perform as those who are part of it expect it to. During the dream, I felt it was completely disempowered compared to what they thought it was to be. Instead of a 'world power', it just felt like a really bad 'world joke', like a Keystone Cop moment with something that could barely get off the ground.

Let us hope so.
Think it interesting what you wrote about the roman empire. It reminded me of a stray thought that came to me this week: The Roman Empire was not built by a holy people and that is why it ended. Their leaders were not of the sacred holy born, as were in the beginning.
The Vatican has used that bird on some of the pope's shields.

Gonfalonier of the Church

The first thing I thought was that some people think the Catholic church is the Anti-Christ.
Esholars - My Pentecostal Grandmother told us the name of the Anti-Christ is written inside the hat the pope wears. So who knows, it may be true they have some knowledge of him.
Read The prophecy of the Tiburtine Sibyl (Syrian, 9th century) for information on the "P"hoenix. Also the rest of the Mirabilis Liber is good to know.

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