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Black Bugs
I was outside holding a laundry basket when I noticed a large grouping of bugs on one of the pillow cases. They looked like black flax seed. When I tried to gather and remove them, they clung to my hand and some opened their wings to look like small greenish yellow flies. When they opened their wings, they emitted some bluish tinged crusty substance that burned on my skin. I rushed into the house to wash them off and when the water hit them, they all opened their wings and my hand was covered with the blue stuff and burning like crazy. More water washed the stuff off and then I looked down..... Both my feet were covered in the bugs. I started to scream for my husband but the sound wouldn't come. I finally managed to squeak out his name when I heard him rustling in his bed. The end.

This dream is probably a throwback to watching the news last night about the Zika virus and the Olympics in Brazil. I felt fear when I watched that news report but why would my unconscious choose to foment a dream about it? Just like the computer reboot dream, I was a participant.
Were you able to wake yourself up like in a lucid dream? I'm curious if you still felt the pain after you woke up? The reason I ask is sometimes a physical sensation will stay with me for a while after I wake up.
The pain on my hand was gone after I washed the blue stuff off but I was terrified of more pain after I saw the bugs on my feet. It wasn't a lucid dream or maybe a partial one. It's happened before - when I finally manage to make an actual sound, I wake up. But I do know about a physical sensation hanging around after I wake up.
Maybe not about the Zika virus, which is transmitted by mosquitos and can be mild until it's transmitted to an unborn child. This reminds me more of fire ants, which sting you repeatedly, swarm and burn like hell. Although another stray thought is something manufactured, gone awry. Wouldn't be the first time the government has introduced something into our world, not thinking about the consequences. (The Cane Toad, introduced to get rid of some bug eating sugar cane years ago, and is now a problem itself. The things can grow real big, are poisonous, and dogs can die after just a lick).

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