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5/14/16 Blowing Airport Happiness
Trending: flight dreamed days subway medical vacation blowing airport happiness lucid view agree marijuana dream whether rainy class farewell think up peace first cafe fri ever soldiers grip rain definitely pretend time obviously land bit there evening remove magic flies dawn
Waning: basically teacher low accident mean hey wild dog heart children cool important shop site evil metal symbol means request awareness gab fever poor thomas freed twilight test transition zone goodness

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
I believe that our top word is most likely day residue from all the security delays and baggage snafu’s in the last couple of days at various airports across the country. “Blowing airport happiness” is totally correct!

In addition, it looks like medical marijuana is high in the public consciousness as well.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

I agree with Eagle on this one, especially the baggage. The Trending has an overall miracle-like vibe to it. I think it is interesting that Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" played backwards says "Smoke marijuana". It's on YouTube. Seems important with the Royal Power trend: rain, rainy...reign, reign-y. Also with 'dirt' in yesterdays Waning.

I'll admit I was scared of an imminent terrorist attack yesterday, newer things to think about now. "Remove magic flies dawn" sounds like 'remove dawn's early light' in a sense.

Who is this "crying Thomas" and "Poor Thomas"? Aramaic for "twin" or Spanglish for "to/too many"? I can tell that it has etymology written into's talking about it.

Oh, and ACCIDENT is in waning...I mentioned it was in German yesterday. Apparently, it germinated quite literally.

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