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Evacuation, 5.18.2016, am
Last nights dream was a repeat of a dream I had a while back, but I can't find it here so maybe I didn't post it.

Start of Dream. I am standing in a neighborhood watching people packing their cars will all sorts of belongings. Everyone is in a calm state of urgency. I can feel their emotion and they feel the need to protect their families. Each of them are talking about where they will go. Some can't leave and are preparing to stay and shelter in.  Suddenly it's my turn to decide if I will shelter in or leave. I am torn between staying and leaving. I don't have much longer to decide. Should I leave and be safe or do I stay and face an unknown fate? The dream ended with my still thinking about it. End of Dream.

I found a song for this dream. Angel
Julie, what kind of emergency did it feel like? Was it a hurricane bug out, or did it feel like something more permanent? Did you get a sense of what you would need to shelter from?

And did you see any military or police?
I did not see any military or police. Do not know why the people were leaving. Yes, it was a permanent move. Once gone they were not going back to their homes.
Thanks. It seems odd that there were no National Guard or police, etc, like you might see with a hurricane. And that kind of emergency is not permanent, at least not ahead of the evac.
Julie, maybe it was a project September dream.
The only other thing I remember from this dream is people checking the skies, looking up periodically as they were packing their cars.

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