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5/22/16 Trump gets an Infection?
Trending: trump infection hint inline tons loaded existing issue blur class sorry focus magical sat width forgotten vampire bus array link pushed blocking left helmet christmas bottom fish dinner wake back sitting complete wish emotional room another almost check giving create
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<----- DISCUSSION ----->
This run is significant for obvious reasons, but to add to the fire, I just got a note from JM Debord (dream researcher, author, and reddit moderator). I’ll attach the full email, but realize how he specifically asks about whether we’ve had any dreambot hits on “Trump.”

Here’s JM's message:

I've got irons in the fire, writing projects coming to completion, a house that always has a project going, lots to stay on top of.
I wrote a dream dictionary with the added twist of a built-in dream guide, and wrote a separate book-length guide to decoding symbolism. Both are ready for review if I can land a publisher, otherwise I'll continue developing the manuscripts and publish them myself.

By the way, I have a new version of the post I shared on your site. It reflects what I've learned in the meantime.

I always enjoy reading your work and seeing what the dreambot spits out. Speaking of, have you noticed a spike in Trump's name mentioned? I wasn't getting your updates for a while so you might have already posted something about it. We got a lot more of Trump dreams at reddit. Some are off the hook. I wrote about it here:
That's pretty much the lowdown on my end. We should stay in touch as things progress. I have a hunch we're about to see some big movement in the collective unconscious, especially with a monumental election coming up.

So the collective is seeing Trump spiking in dreamland, and it seems to be peaking in multiple places at the same time. But so what if everyone is dreaming about Trump…the big question is: What is happening to Trump in the dreams? According to today’s run, there’s a hint that Trump might get an infection, but then again, maybe the collective sees Trump’s ideas as “Infectious,” or growing in popularity.

Here’s what I find interesting…Elyse has had a couple of Trump dreams, and her latest included this snippet:

Several people were climbing out of the cars. One of which was Donald Trump who had the messed up skin and he climbed on top of the car he had been in and stretched out over the top. I thought to myself that he looked like an alligator out sunning. Maybe that's why he always looks so ridiculously tan.

 According to this, the bot run and Elyse’s dream seem to overlap, particularly with the notion of an external infection; some skin disorder on Trump?

Recent Trump dreams:

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

IMO, "trump infection" is talking of his campaign becoming infected. The timing is reason for confidence level. Attacks on him haven't worked, publicizing his weaknesses for beautiful women hasn't worked, and it's dawning on everyone that he's a likely president minus a false flag.
The "infection" may be someone close to him being bought-off to Judas him or something like that. If it's a physical infection then it's possible that this, too will be unnatural/orchestrated.

Is the rest of this speaking of "blurring class issues?" Hunch says so but is that true? Yeah, "trump" is a billionaire and of course the other side will use "class issues" to make their side's voting base jealous as hell, of the man.

"sorry focus magical (sat) width forgotten" may just be indicating that trump's opposition has "forgotten" the power of class
warfare but they're coming with a new slant on it, with a vengeance at it now.

"pushed blocking left" well, we can hope this is literal, LOL.

"Christmas bottom fish dinner" more indication that this coming Christmas will be by-far worse than any in recent history.

Is any group reportedly planning a huge protest for this July4th? Some kind of unrest or is this more hint at a huge majority being awake to the pitiful state of the Republic at its birthday this year? with this line.... "annoyed noticed kinda birthday"

PS, Boss....your friend's statement that jumped off the screen as huge, was

"I have a hunch we're about to see some big movement in the collective unconscious, especially with a monumental election coming up."

Yes, Sirs! Please note 's headline at far, upper-left about "unrest" of patriots. Why now?

IMHO Dreambot is telling us in, so far at least 2 runs....speaking of "birthday."

((editing this in.....Eagle1, you've said that often a botrun fulfills in headline approx. 6 weeks later. July 4th., our "birthday" is almost exactly 6 weeks from now and "birthday" is in another run today.)

TRUMP botrun phrases

5/25/16-- "dream back trump class up"

5/23/16--"laugh aim trump invisible shower"

today--"trump infection hint inline tons"

5/15/16-- "peace happiness trump fish remove class"

5/6/16-- "music button fri touched trump better died picture safe"

3/13/16--"france streets trump planning toilet view class"

3/??/16-- "ceiling already less trump france men leader"

great work Nanny-
Could there be a 'virus' attack on his server? A hacker from Paris?
Or perhaps something he puts on Twitter or FB goes viral............

I would Love to infect the world with LOVE. Now that's a nice thought
Lets infect the candidates with love. Heart
it might change the election.... Cool Exclamation Idea
Great suggestions, chick! Yep, sure could be.

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