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5/24/16 Forum Shrine
Trending: add shrine forum message send juice entries email tanks dream up had invisible were membership apple dreams days back sunny there entry amazing people named 2016 down executive one talking group has sitting pick welcome horse beyond
Waning: laid consider fly castle prime use job complete link fire opened finding low death become heart imagination intense emotional pizza tons focus issue wow forgotten fri blur existing inline hint

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
If finally figured out why yesterday’s run was so lame….I forgot to set up this new computer with the background passwords to the dream forums! Oh well, you can’t go back and redo it a day later, so we’ll just have to live with it. Today’s run seems all about a dream forum. Do we need to add a shrine in this forum? We also apparently need to “send juicy entries [via] email.”

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

LOL! with " forum message send juice entries email" Dreambot has a sense of humor again. The timing of this run is a trip, no way coinkydink since some of us were "messaged" and don't know how many of us sent "emails" about the message from a wonderful soul that has stopped posting.

"Shrine?" Well, there is such a thing as an historic shrine. You've already got a trophy-case. I think Dreambot is suggesting a shrine to itself. AD got the vibe a couple days ago that it wants us to learn it's language or something like that.

"tanks....dream...invisible membership," yeah, one can wonder what agencies or entities have invisible membership here. Big Grin

"executive one talking group has sitting pick" The young CEO of FBook had a meeting with conservative leaders a couple days ago. Who did he pick? G. Beck? and for what? maybe will be a headline. Bet something for PR is coming from that meeting.

"funny birth hall" okay what's this? sounds like fun....

"consider fly castle prime use job complete" where's BO flying in the next few weeks?

So yesterday I came across an article about OJ Simpson and the new 7.5 hour Espan movie/mini series  which will also be in theaters so it can be eligible to be nominated for an Oscar.  It premieres on tv in June. After reading the article I thought, I wonder if JUICE has been/will be in any runs lately?  Well, juice is in today's run. I think juice relates to OJ. Hopefully not the shrine part.
On a lighter bot note, we have intense emotional pizza.  That image just makes me laugh.
Lots of economic talk in the waning run.
laid consider fly castle prime use job complete link
Oh, I had a juicy one to write about, which I will get writing down after work today! It involved banks!
Ding ding ding....LOL it just hit me, Boss!
"add shrine" probably really is dreambot wanting its own shrine. I recall way back that someone here suggested dreambot get a trophy case in that section of your Forum. You commented something about maybe you'd do it or think about it, even if you said it tongue-in-cheek which doens't convey often, in the written medium.
I am wondering about the dream trophy case and the bot run trophy case.
Bot runs are off shoots of our dreams right?
So is it actually dream-forecasting when we tie in headlines to the bot runs?
Its an evolution of that original concept right?
Correct me please, if I have this backwards, I am trying to figure it out.

At first I thought the run was speaking to me and I shall take it as a personal note (omen)
since I asked for clarification yesterday on the dream I had the night before it came true.
The 'hall' in the link that was listed by a J SCOTT, for SHOW/sale
was a 1920 Mason HALL. SHRINErs came to mind- adjunct to masons.
Not that the Runs speak with forked tongue however, I do think in quantum terms that it
can speak and address many on just one message if not more.

I'll troll the headlines for shriners or secret society rantings and I ain't talkin' about
bildeberg rituals in the glen or some creepy castle (Eyes Wide Shut).
membership apple dreams days back sunny - Perhaps people who own apple stock wish their stock was valued back how it was in the "sunny" good days or things are going to be sunny for Apple.
(05-26-2016, 12:42 AM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: membership apple dreams days back sunny - Perhaps people who own apple stock wish their stock was valued back how it was in the "sunny" good days or things are going to be sunny for Apple.

Apple has been in the news this week:
The big news this week for Apple was Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway disclosing that it had bought over $1 billion in the company’s shares in the March quarter and Tim Cook spending five days in India.

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