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05-24-2016 4am MDST Jammed blue $5 bills at the atm
I dreamt I was going to my bank to withdraw what cash I had left, and when I got there, my bank was all of a sudden a different bank entirely, and luckily my husband had an account with that bank. Just getting to the bank was hard, there was insane traffic everywhere and the police were acting really weird, glitchy, like they couldn't decide what they were supposed to be doing and made all sorts of jerky driving motions in their cars. When I arrived at my bank, I found it was no longer there, so i walked around the building and there was still a bank in the building i had never seen before. So i proceeded inside to the bank branch, and it was packed with people. Walking up to the atm, there was a child standing there a little to the side. I realised after a minute he was trying to do an atm transaction and having problems. the atm looked very jammed with what seemed to be blue $5 canadian? bills, like it tried to spit out about 50 of them at once. There were some bills fallen onto the floor. I looked at the jammed bills closer and oddly enough, each one had a handwritten name, date, and sequential number on it. It looked like the name was the boy's name as the account holder of the cash. I thought that was weird the bills were indexed like that. I tried to pull the bunch of stuck bills out for the boy but they wouldn't move. So without thinking I tried inserting my bank card. I should've known better as it did the signature move an inkjet printer does when it eats the paper and jams - my card turned a little sideways and then fed into the machine super slowly and disappeared. I never saw it again! Nor did the stuck money come out. the boy through all of this said nothing. I grabbed an atm tech who was idly standing around and said get my card out of the machine (considering that i'm familiar with the inner workings, this should've been an easy request). He said, I can't - it's in lockdown! I said what do you mean it's in lockdown? for how long? He said he didn't know for how long. Since I couldn't go anywhere without my card or cash to get by, I was then stuck at the bank with all the other people for days and days....The dream ended there and in duration, it was actually quite short.

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