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The Black Dress
There are two parts to this dream sequence, and they seem unrelated, but for the dress.

One: We are visiting my boyfriend's mother. She has been put into some kind of care facility, as she can no longer care for herself. I remember going to her room, and I remember leaving her room. Don't remember seeing her in the dream at all. On the way out, I look down and I am wearing this long black dress. Which isn't unusual, I'm an artist and have a lot of of black in my closet. Part of the uniform. But this seems ominous to me.

Two: I am with a group of people, and have arrived at some kind of run down motel, which is where we are supposed to stay for a while. Don't recall if the BF is there or not. Kind of think not. The room we are shown for sleeping is segregated between the women and men, and I am with a friend who I'll bunk with. I'm still wearing the black dress from earlier, but it seems worn now. At some point we have to leave to go attend to our chores, and another group goes to sleep in the same place. I turn to look into the main room, and thru the window I see a group of kittens about 8 weeks old. Very tiny and hopping about with joy. I am overjoyed at seeing new life, and I run into the room to play with them. Seems like more pleasure than I have had in a long time. I start to worry about them getting enough to eat, and I go find a bowl for water, and a hotdog. Not real meat, but good enough I think, and I start tearing it up to feed them. I am the only one who seems to care about them at all.

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