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5/28/16 Foreclosures?
Trending: yes housing filing request referring supportive brave ladder equipment taxes moved fears taylor magic super foot owner lucid darkness fri papers throat forget fades rooms watched previous trailer facing few
Waning: massive within work today ice hospital party school between view also wars wife remembering cleaning star dating university tanks days

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Housing filings…..wouldn’t that be foreclosures? Or a big wave of mortgage signings? A request seems more like a purchase, but I thought we were heading towards another housing bubble.

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View also wars wife Head's up, Eagle. Bot's talking to you again.
Eagle1, I think your suggestions are the likeliest. But, one other thing possible came to mind. (If only "odyssey" was/is in this run...would help.) Right now there's another huge influx of illegals. They'll all need housing and news has leaked that the ones already here are actually getting *more financial aid than even families in our own, worst inner-cities.

With this huge amount of pardon me, but financial-raping of our economy that will be needed to fund this current flood of folks, this line may support the idea. "supportive brave ladder equipment taxes moved fears." This line comes shortly after the housing request. But....with a ton more of foreclosures can't this cause a risen need in our taxes per aid, too? So you're likely right, not sure myself.

The coming bubble! or is it two bubbles combined this next "media push" so they can do bail-ins this time?? A lot's been said about school loan--Sallie Mae? etc bubble coming, supposedly. You're aware of talk of mortgage bubble. Well, they're gonna turn their screwdriver again before long, we do know.

"lucid darkness" interesting!
"party school" heck yeah school's out for summer.

Aww a Memorial Day mention with "wars wife remembering" darn tootin we wives have memories also, just most of us not from within war theater.
Run was titled 2/28/16, not 5/28. Was that a subconscious mistyping of the date? Maybe we should also look at the bot run for Feb. 28th.

For those interested in the actual bot run from that day, The Princess is a What:
Goldengirl, oh man, I did it again, LOL at self, I stink today!! I missed another VIP detail! the date of today's run. Eagle1, what was happening with you last Feb. 28th?!
Goldengirl, whew am glad you ARE awake and aware right now and not missing details.

Yeah, gonna peek that run.
Nanny, I am a detail hoarder. No need to beat yourself up. Have a head full of useful and useless details. Mostly, when I say I forgot something, it's just me giving myself space because I feel I should get the same benefits as everyone else!

And being an artist, I'm always scanning the visuals. Bugs me when there is something "off" and I can't put my finger on it!

Eagle, since there have been a couple of comments that the bot has been speaking to you the past couple of days, maybe this one did too. Just a thought.....Hope you see we've been talking about you again....hahaha!!!!
Goldengirl, but I'm kicking myself because I'm usually a, what did you call yourself?? Ah "detail hoarder!" Cops, docs, attorneys and investigators love me. I've been told. Hubby, the opposite. His eyes glaze-over like Tim Allen's eyes did on his old Home Improvement show when his wife would talk for very long.

In fact, I bet we have in-common the true, scientifically-proven "abstract thinker" label. Only ten percent of the human race is truly this and we test out for it if given the thing. Our Texas highschool tested seniors for this. There were three tests for abstract and I tested, I think in this order, 98, 99 and 98 percentile Abstract.

So, within a day or two, you noticed two big details that I missed. Pitiful of me and actually very surprising.
Oh you're not pitiful Nanny, I've just had more sleep I bet. Have you been night-owling again?!! I was in bed at 9:30 last night and up at 6:30 this morning. Good to see what you night owls have been thinking about late at night!
Yeah, I showered at 2am and crashed at 3.
I think sometimes it's sloppy multi-tasking and being distracted instead of centered, too lost in that "monkey mind," also.
Great catch, GG. I changed the date on the thread title.
This report does not prove anything.
It does point to the possibility that "housing filing request referring supportive brave ladder equipment taxes moved fears" is about our system being over-"tax"ed because another flood of illegals are is about to crash our economy. What' or who is "brave" in this group? Those that dare to climb this "debt" ladder and could be said that illegals climb a "ladder" to get into this nation.
taxes moved- Panama Paper fallout- move to tax haven in Nevada. Many millionaires coming in.
also this post about foreclosure loans I placed over here
This is SICK that Wells Fargo is pulling this stunt- then again the green bonds may roll up this debt to resell to investors too on the backs of debt laden former students in the form of mortgages they can't pay...
supportive brave ladder equipment
Historic flooding in Texas- 17" in 24 hours ! One would need a crane, or bucket like the firemen use to get some evacuees out

In /Europe Germany in particular there ARE NO homes left after getting swept away. Sad to see. So housing will be an issue there too.

so now lets look at this-
528 hz
the frequency of LOVE and DNA healing.... Heart

AD, cool you mentioned the frequency of Love. I saw this number and reference of its meaning on a bottle of water with an essence of silver in it. (5PPM I think)

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