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Financial executive commits suicide

Quote:Switzerland's Zurich Insurance Group says former chief executive Martin Senn, who ran the company for six years until last December, has killed himself. The incident comes three years after the company's then-chief financial officer also killed himself.

Local police in the eastern Graubuenden region were called to the scene Friday at a holiday resort apartment in the town of Klosters, near Davos, said regional police spokesman Roman Rueegg. He declined comment on the suspected cause of death.

He joins a growing list of banker/financial industry type who is now dead. This is a listing of the dead banker types so far(I was looking for a list and this site popped up) :

I don't know if there's a conspiracy but I'm cynical enough to think something's up, that this isn't normal, especially when coupled with the list of dead scientists:

Don't know if the bot has picked up on anything like this but I do think it's something to monitor.
Will it really be a suicide, or a headline claiming that it was?
I know the cousin of one of the first bankers who got suicided off a roof inEurope. It is real, very real.
D this is certainly a pattern eh? A very deep rabbit hole.
My sense is there will also be deep disclosure on all of this soon.
In fact, the red alert on the economy may be tied in. Its a game of dominoes.
Once one tips- it may be hillary or someone invested in her foundation- or even the donald.
Then watch it all tip over.
Any dreams of dominoes lately? well now there has been of trump hasn't there? hmmmmm
You darn tootin it's real. Was at the start of the Great Depression, so I was told growing up, and right now a very real string of deaths of Holistic-type of physicians is happening.
Then, there's the reports of scientists dieing in the last few years.

A good communist regime wouldn't have it any other way, now would they?...........................
There are also holistic doctors, quite a long list actually, who are turning up dead. Will find the link and post it. Only connected in that I am finding it increasingly disturbing what they think they can get away with. Very disturbing.
Yep, we gotta keep the cancer industry going, gotta keep the good technology under wraps, the real science a total secret, and for god's sake we have to keep the debt slavery system afloat longer. I know first hand how scary it is to have inside knowledge. When you say anything out of line, you turn into the black sheep, and then you're expendable.
Found a list, and thank you Steve Quayle! for photos and plenty of information about each scientist.

Goldengal, Number 7 on this list you found is something I can personally vouch for. Dr. Gonzales had continued work that a Texas orthodontist? or some dental specialty had begun....on himself no less. That dentist had cancer and was so skinny he could feel his own tumor from the outside. He cured his own cancer with enzymes and after that lived a long time. Others with cancer heard of him and he coached them to do what he had done and reportedly a good number of them were cured or lived very long, too.

It worked for skin tags and other skin abnormalities. I know because it worked for me, too.

(05-30-2016, 10:50 PM)Goldengirl Wrote:
While this has to do with a dead scientist, I think it belongs here:

At this point, it appears little is known about her death. It may not be a suspicious death, but then again...we'll see.
Another doctor dead, this one a CDC epidemiologist:

I don't know how reliable this site is but the man's death is all over the mainstream media today. For me, this was another medical scientist who died and left behind a floofy dog and a lot of unanswered questions.
I followed the link and read the story. When I finished reading it,, the word "executed" came thru really strong. Why do you think it's happening?
If it’s happening, I would assume it’s because healthcare is Big Business, and anyone who comes up with something that the regular person can get cheaply is a threat to their profits. Ca you imagine what would happen if we didn’t have to take all those drugs they push every night on tv?
I take no prescription meds. I have no chronic conditions. Most of the time I deal with stuff that crops up by using plant medicines and eating good food, not processed crap. It's an act of rebellion for me. Big Grin
I've often wondered​ where is the cure for diseases like cancer and others. By now, with all the advances in medical field, someone somewhere has to have found a way to cure anything that ails us. It not like the human body changes. We have the same dang bodies we've had since the beginning of human race. I'm talking modern human, not Neanderthal.
There's no profit in actually curing diseases. Heck, there's no profit in people being healthy, period. What the medical industry and Big Pharm want is to keep people stabilized, preferably on medication and needing regular attention, for the rest of their lives. Unhealthy people=healthy profits for both industries.

Diabetes2 isn't a chronic disease and it is curable, if you get started in time, before you damage internal organs. Even then, there are steps to take to ameliorate the progression. Lots of research out there that isn't in the mainstream but it does work. Same thing with a lot of chronic diseases. There are answers and cures out there but don't expect them to be welcomed by industries that want to keep us merely stable, not cured.

(An aside: My sister, who is 3 yrs younger than I, has Type2 Diabetes. She's had it for years. When she called to tell me, she commented that I would get it eventually. She told me that it ran in the family on both sides, after all, implying it was inevitable. I flatly told her I had no intention of getting it. She didn't believe me. Almost a decade later, she is still grossly overweight, very sedentary, has a horrible diet, and a checklist of ailments because of her diabetes. Me? Still no diabetes and I still don't plan to get it, even if it runs in the family)

Most cancers can be treated without chemo, surgery, or radiation. There are patients who didn't follow conventional protocols and did their research to find answers. If you get the chance, you should watch "The Truth About Cancer," a series of videos about treatments that work and have cured people's cancers but aren't' legal in this country because the medical and drug industries don't want them here.

I've decided that people in past times lived long, long lives(Methuseleh, anyone?) so why can't I? So I'm planning to see how long I can push my longevity. I'll get back to you in a couple hundred years, barring any accidents that take me out. Big Grin

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