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Maysea's Trophy Case
This is Precognition Trophy #1 for Maysea

Overall Score (What-Where-When): 4 - 4 - 4

(Score Format = WHAT-WHERE-WHEN)


What - 4 - Subject (active shooter) is similar to the story; the verb(s) (shooting a weapon and people dying) is exact. This combination produces a 3 to 3.5, but the dreamer comes up with amazing extra details that are very unique (such as the students that match UCLA campus, the red brick buildings, and even the lettering on the clothing). The extra details compensate for the shooter being someone different in the dream. Total points for the what component = 4.

Where - 4 - The dream sequence has many different details which metaphorically match the UCLA campus, making this section a full 5. However, according to the scoring protocol, a decrement is subtracted because the metaphors were not identified as a specific location until after the fact. Therefore, 4 points.

When - 4 - The event took place within a week of the dream. Thus, 4 points.

We verified this precognitive dream with the following justification:

The Dream "Active Shooter with Celebrities" (5/26/16)

Dream: I'm in a unfamiliar city, at a hospital...waiting to see a specialist. I have arrived much to early for my appointment. So I decide to wonder outdoors while I wait. There is like a courtyard outdoors. Hills, trees, flowers, and grass. It is a beautiful sunny day. There are seniors sitting on benches and all types of younger folk enjoying the park like court yard. It is surrounded by large brick buildings, medical...there are men weed eating and such...grounds keepers. They are wearing black or dark navy blue nylon jackets with white or yellow lettering. I'm enjoying the sun and nature. Suddenly, someone screams, I turn and see one of the men has pulled a gun and just shot someone! I look around and see all the working men pull guns and start shooting. I'm running for cover and see Donna from that 70's show, being shot! I jump down a embankment, lay still, there are other people hiding there. I make the "shhh" motion at them. Suddenly, Meg Ryan jumps up, screaming and trys to run. Her face is splattered in blood and dirt? The panick look frozen into my mind. Next scene, its over...I'm helping a old boy to his feet. I ask if he's ok. He smiles at me and replys, "I was not afraid. I served in the armed forces."

The News (6/1/16):

"UCLA shooting: 2 killed in murder-suicide"

"LAPD: 2 Dead In Murder-Suicide On UCLA Campus; Lockdown Lifted"

Great start Maysea! This dreamer's got some talent!!

To review the NDC's scoring system:

Way to go, Maysea!
thumbs up
There is a UCLA Medical Center Hospital on campus. It is an excellent hospital.
Woo hoo Maysea!!!!!!!!
Good work Maysea!!! Smile
Ditto to everyone's comments.

Maysea, much appreciation for you being a member and congrats, of course.

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