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CameTrue 6/14/16 Gravity Distracted + Meme Developing in England
Trending: bonus underground mon gravity distracted closest wait female existence piles balls collapse english apartment passing hard minutes african london venice character magical pull backyard spread hat brick replace prime wheel
Waning: days died tongue shop reference leg week site mirror guide amazing dance hours late gab dream intern odyssey yesterday fri

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Just watched a funny video that seems to match “female existence piles balls.”

Look out for London and/or Britain:
6/14/16 (today): collapse English apartment passing
6/13/16 (yesterday): London [intern] weak corridor short throw count
4/17/16: oops destruction queen throne argument
11/10/15: London days meat mon vividness

Interestingly, about a year ago, we saw this lingo:  number first queen australia falls saturday years spoke faster technique pills snake taste

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

african london venice- these are next to each other and english is also a few words ahead of the group.  Being grouped together means something.  Is it about those 3 places or is it telling us "international"?
Bahahahahaha!!! Funny video Eagle! Big Grin

"This changes EVERYTHING." Bahahahahaha!!
British politician Jo Cox shot and killed in a town outside Leeds in Britain:

I'm not putting in the supporting words because there are plenty of them across several runs. Anything pertaining to woman/female and England would apply, I think.

While the motive wasn't mentioned, this is a big time for the UK right now as they discuss whether or not to stay in the EU. A rally in Gibraltar, where PM Cameron was going to speak in favor of remaining, has been cancelled upon the news of the shooting.
I feel there's more for England, perhaps even about this same strain of news, however, this is a GREAT call, DLP. I couldn't help but notice the irony....anti gun regulation really helped this guy huh? Irony at it's absolute best. Anti-gun only removes guns from the honest, non-criminals. Oh well, you live and learn I guess. Ah hahahaha!
I agree. While this is an important story and it's part of the story, it isn't THE story.
THIS could be the real story pertaining to Britain:

Already the pound is falling, Cameron's talking of resigning, there's questions about Scotland's future since that country voted to remain in the EU, N. Ireland voted to stay, the Asian markets are in a panic, and generalized chaos is occurring. There's already some noise about the vote being meaningless, that the UK will remain in the EU regardless of the vote. I dunno. If that happens, all hell could break loose, if it isn't already.
Collapse English
also a brexit reference

replace prime
GB Prime Minister Cameron resigns (adding botwords to DLP's post above).

Linking more Brexit botruns
#6 and #7 in thread

Hey, also consider this: The bot was clearly picking up on Queen and royalty. Maybe the throne gets affected by this historic vote?
And remember AD's anagram - royalty to TAYLOR. Taylor has been plaguing us for months...
(06-24-2016, 07:42 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: Wow!

Hey, also consider this: The bot was clearly picking up on Queen and royalty. Maybe the throne gets affected by this historic vote?

Possibility, but keep in mind there's been a lot of press about the Queen's birthday bashes, too(And I sometimes think if I see one more story on what the Duchess is wearing or doing that I think I might throw my laptop right out the window).
The link is above.
English collapse and replace prime wheel = Brexit and Cameron resignation

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