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6/17/16 A Burglary in Heaven
Trending: infinite kingdom burglary review remove bull book personality alt welcome generic notified bite june wrapping detective spider died group literally pain com represent let sometimes icon taylor added weapon series
Waning: happy yesterday normal venice college kid sun sea journal girlfriend teaching war hotel nature throw chocolate rubbing fun amazing yes

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Hmmmm. Detective spider died, group literally pain com represent. I wonder if something is going to happen to large portions of the internet, enough to really mess around with Dreambot's spiders. Or equally any of the other Webbot+derivative bots out there. I don't even wanna look at the route of losing another head person from one of the bot projects! Eagle be watchful and careful out there!
I think we have another reference to Great Britain/United Kingdom

While Infinitively means
1:  extending indefinitely :  endless it also means:
2:  immeasurably or inconceivably great or extensive :  inexhaustible

There was a time where the UK had a footprint in nearly all global regions. One might say Inconceivably Great Britain or  Infinite United Kingdom.
Many England/ London dreambot runs have appeared  recently which further suggests The UK.
Review and remove suggest the upcoming vote on Brexit.

If we pair those words with: bite june wrapping detective spider died group literally pain, we might be seeing a new terrorist attack in the UK however.

BTW, heaven would seem more obvious, however, I don't know how to be begin to measure or comprehend a burglary in Heaven.

Also, wrapping might be a timeframe, the end of June ( aka wrapping up of June)
Excellent analysis Twice!
A British MP was murdered in London yesterday
this is valid as of now for a cametrue as Britain appears to have voted for a Brexit.
if true, this is HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!!!
Concur! Based on Lingo: Kingdom Burglary Review Remove

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