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6/18/2016 9:50pm HAUNTED! He Wont leave me alone!
I am standing in front of him, my ex... I feel shorter then i used to. I'm 5'5 and i am looking up at him, he is 6'8, i keep thinking to myself... why does he seem taller.

I step back away from him, he moves his head from side to side... like a snake charmer and i am the snake being charmed, i feel him pulling on me from the inside out. I lean into him like a magnet attracted to another magnet, or like a moth to a flame.

I take a glance around, we are in an underground parking lot. I am taking back to the memory of when i took him to Disney land and as we walked through the parking structure i yelled out "Duck" and he ducked, then realized he was in no Danger as i was sitting on the parking lot ground laughing at him.

I try to snap myself out of this memory, "Let go of me" i say to him through gritted teeth. I am not yours any more, let me go. He tells me he is leaving, has to go to work. After he has left i know he is lying like he always did, he is luring me in with a lie, i feel like i have to chase him to find out the truth. I follow him up a ramp from the parking garage and then i have to hop a fence but i find him on the side of the country club tennis courts with a group of young girls in tennis skirts.

I confront him and ask him why he keeps peeking into my dreams, pushing me on my back in the middle of a wind walk to get my attention, when he was the one who left. "You moved to Louisiana and left me in California." I get a glimpse of my daughter in his thoughts. I tell him, "She is not your daughter, she is not your family, she doesn't even like you, you will not meet me on this plane any more, and you will not seek me out, stay out of my head, i am no longer yours... Oh yeah and STOP calling me on the phone!".

I turned to walk away and he grabs me by my arm and says... mon chéri, (My Darling) you will always be mine.

I woke up with his smell in my room, as if he had been here, his smell lingered on the pillows in the empty space next to me. I lay in my bed thinking, what kind of voodoo crap is this!

[Image: 1205546_1294479042930.02res_430_300.jpg]
Have you cut the cord of attachment with him?
My Ex & I

Yes I have several times with a both Medicine woman, and a few medicine men.
I have also done the ceremony's privately...

This video sums up our relationship

The crazy goes both ways but right now i am feeling like this....
I wonder if he has somehow discovered his walking ability and is frightened by it and since you are the one that had the experience with those types of things he is thinking of you and wishing for your help. I think he is entering your dreams by accident while searching in his mind for an explanation. Maybe ask your guide to talk to one of his guides. Remember he thought all this stuff was nuts.
He is the one who taught me all of this was possible back when i was 20. He claimed back then that his mother taught him and that she was the Voodoo Queen of Louisiana... but i met his mother about 6 years ago, she is just like he is, but not a voodoo queen.

He does not have guides, he walks alone. He showed me once that he could take a spirit from someone and give it to another to assist them or to torchure them. His level of control seems evil to me, yet like i said... a moth to a flame.

When i say the crazy goes both ways... I mean we are both like this with each other.
He is very jealous and possessive of me, as i am of him. When we fight, its bad, but when we make love, its heaven.

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