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Sad Bits and Pieces
06/19/2016 AM
No intent
Mood: sad

1) I am sitting at a table that has two baskets on it with a stack of blank three by five cards. It is dark all around me with just one small light directly over me. The baskets are labeled “believe” and “questions”.
I write my thought on the cards. First I fill the believe basket then I begin to fill the question basket. The question basket is getting so full. The believe basket holds just one card.

2) I tell Husband that we need to go somewhere, somewhere there are children. Not those smart-mouthed, hard edges kind, the kind that still find joy in simply being alive. The kinds of children that still have laughter, curiosity and still find simple things amazing, the ones that only have one question “Why”.

3) I am at an arcade type of place that is near our home. It has rides, games and food all geared to children and families. There are hundreds of children running around having fun. My husband and I sit and we watch. We can feel the joy of being alive.

4) A little girl of about four approaches she is smiling and reaching for me. I take her hand and she says “Why are you sitting here won’t your Mommy let you play?” I tell her that I am resting for a bit. She frowns for just a moment then returns to her wiggly giggly self with a huge smile and says “Then I will see you next time.” I try to smile but a tear begins to fall because I know that next time will never happen.
I wake up with tears running down my face.

I think I know what this means, I am hopeful that I am wrong.
I have tears falling as I typed this.
I post this because the purpose of the dream site experiment is to discover if we have predictive dreams. If this is one, it is a “saddest” of a prediction.
Thank you for posting considering how difficult a dream it was. I have for years had the feeling of "we must protect the children.

Thank you very much for sharing your pain, along with this prediction. I offer in your deep sadness one song, i hope this will help.
Escholars, would you be so kind as to explain 'what you think this means'? I see a deep truth here, but I do not want my own awareness taint what you take from this.
death is standing too close.
Windy - That song really touched something deep inside. Thanks!
(06-20-2016, 12:20 AM)esholars Wrote: death is standing too close.

I believe you are correct, escholars, but as I have also had such premonitions as of late, I think it is far more widespread, maybe global, than is understood right now.  I don't think you and I are the only ones having these 'messages'...

Just remember, death is not a destination - merely a threshhold that all must enter (and pass through) at some point.

Early in the morning while still asleep, I felt/received the words, "Save the children". The force and urgency of the words unsettled me.
Edna, do you think this has to do with our recent bot runs? Are you getting anything else regarding your dream?
It means turn off the tvs that breed violence. Parents are responsible for what you create. How does a child change from love laughter joy.
all my latest dreams have been happy, I wake up planning to post them and something has happened every day to make me forget what the details were. I just feel happy!
That is good to hear Edna.
I do no that there will be a master pray that will clense the earth. The wrong people in authority are holding this up.
I have been thinking a lot about your post over the past few days. What is happening in Aleppo is just horrid.
The latest barrel bombing took place DURING a funeral for children from Thursday's bombing.

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