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The Answer is Hidden
Intention: to find out what my visions of another place and my dad are trying to tell me

I'm with a friend that I used to work with, and she is showing me her house. There seems to be a party going on, but she has something important she wants to tell me. She leads me into the bathroom, and tells me that she's found a secret bathroom inside of this one. She is having great fun telling me this, and is insisting on locking me inside so that I have to find it myself. I agree to be locked in.

The bathroom isn't large, so I start to push on the walls and cabinetry, looking into the back of the linen closet to find the secret room. All of a sudden I realize that I can hear water running quite distinctly, and there is no water on in the bathroom that I'm in.

It occurs to me that "Water" is the answer I'm looking for.
In my dreamscapes, bathrooms represent a location outside of the actual dream scenario. Entering a bathroom means I'm leaving the dreamscape and entering like a little pocket of space that is neither dreamtime nor waking reality. Sort of a Twilight Zone of inbetween space. I've hidden in bathrooms, taken meetings, and used them as escape doors. Entering a bathroom is always informative for me.

All this is a long way of saying I think your friend was showing you more than just a bathroom, she was showing you that the answer you're seeking doesn't involve just water but running water. And when you find that answer, you'll learn the significance of your own hidden room, your own inbetween space.

Now...what does running water and hidden rooms have in common and what do they mean to you?
Ahh, I think you have something there. I was thinking because it was water, it referred to an event, but while it could also be an event, it was running water.

Running water - I immediately thought of nature, journeying, adventure. I'm always taking photos of creeks and rivers that have a bend that hides where the river goes next. I'm obsessed with imagining canoeing or kayaking around the next bend, explorer-style.

Hidden rooms - well, they hold great secrets, things not accessed by everyone. It takes intelligence and a bit of luck to unlock the doorway. Portals. Could indicate internal places of power, somewhere to center and gain strength.

In the dream I was totally on board with being locked in and finding this on my own. I was excited.
Age of Aquarius is here! Smile
Looks to me like internal and external workouts are in order! Big Grin
Quote:In the dream I was totally on board with being locked in and finding this on my own. I was excited.

So you've made your commitment, you've agreed to be "locked in" to your path. Now to find what that entails. Good thing you're excited. Wink

Welcome to your new world. Big Grin
I sense some sarcasm. Big Grin

Duly noted!
Just "some" sarcasm? Damn. I must be off my game today. Tongue

Maybe you'll be the one chosen for the spa retreats. If so, think of me as I'm slogging up a mountain and through ice cold creeks with a 35 pound pack on my back(Yes, this has happened)...and feel free to laugh as you're going in for your massage. I know I would. Big Grin
Oh, I felt the full sarcastic nuances missy. I was just being sarcastic right backatcha! (I know, you can't see the raised eyebrow in a post Bahahahahaha!)

I will not, sadly, be chosen for spa retreats I fear. Unless it's to wake people up. And speaking of such, I have had so many people lately just open up to me and start talking. Complete strangers. Something about me has changed and is drawing them in, because it was never that way in the past. I've gotten real into making random people smile when I'm out. Butterfly effect I hope. Cool

Although I could use a good massage, maybe they DO need me there....... Big Grin
So the last time I intended to find out why I was having those visions. Tonight I'm going to try and find out where I am in them, and when.
Well, I got July. Didn't have anything else but that pop in my mind when I woke in the middle of the night. But it could be residue, or any July coming up.

Doesn't deter me tho - I'm stubborn...

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