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Don't know what
Seem like I've had a similar dream before ( 'twas similar to the portal dream I had 16 months ago posted here I think)

Anyway I followed a group into a ceremony room, the grand poo bah(for a lack of understanding) was not there yet. There were two things they were trying to cerimpniously open, I was observing from afar came closer and threw holy water on the underlings to try and stop it (the poo bah had arrived by now).

I disrupted it somewhat, by throwing holy water on them and the one accessing the "portal", jumped out a window (maybe) no one followed but the guards were called and gave chase. I was on foot at first keeping slightly ahead of the thug. Felt trapped and remembered I could fly so to to the air ( no one else could) and more joined the fray. I was concerned at first but realized that I could fly (very low at first and vulnerable later not so much )and they couldn't so I started to taunt??? Woke up to my dog barking at thunder, which for the past two days ( after giving thanks for rain with none in the ten day forecast ) has been blessing the land.

Similar to the portal dream in that I tried to shut it down and felt I couldn't stop both in the first - same here - but I did disrupt it somewhat in this.

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This is our third water dream this morning. This time HOLY water. Thanks ybul!
So while driving to town, I thought that the two portals might represent the duality of everything and while there seemingly is evil (seemed an attempt to bring it fourth in the dream but could have been day residue) does it only exist in concert with good? Don't know but in the first dream the two portals were so far apart that I could not close both. In this dream the ritualistic glasses were close but separate and the hoard of "worshippers" would not let me get close. Anyway, that was my thought process this am in pondering the similarity. Though this dream seemed like I had the power to make a difference.

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So as I simply am talking with myself to try and understand. A thought process came forth because of comment on YouTube. Kind of like my life here as I would be in a circle of "friends" "talking" and it would close in front of me as I said little.

so I was coming to that conclusion also from dreams, that it good and evil are simply different sides of the same coin. The "Mandela effect" and me seeing subtle changes in this reality, helps to lift the veil from my being.

Though we can not also become apathetic and just let things happen as what we see out there is simply reflections of ourselves. I guess that is what I saw in the dream, me going along with the flow and watching the s show all around me or actively trying to make things better - throwing water on the plans of those making a mess of this reality. Everything we do to anything ripples through to everything as I saw when I let my prayers for peace be a part of my being/aura allowed it to expand and cover the earth for all to share in. Though in doing so opened myself up to all that is, fell into some bad thought forms that entered others "dreams" it appeared (might not have but that is how it seemed) and personally I fell into an emotional pit (or was already there). Think I am climbing out and need to not allow the doubt, negative feelings to come into my mind and stay centered trying to make the world a better place and focus on the positive side of the dualistic situation.

Anyway I don't necessarily believe the Christian fear that the occult (hidden is its original meaning - and maybe why it is portrayed as devil worship) ists are bringing forth an apokolypsus (Greek lifting of the veil - of secrecy of all that is ). I don't know and try to live my life through love not fear, as these types of videos do just that make people live through it fearing hell coming forth.

We are all children of God and the stories of the battles of the Angels, creation of religion seemingly to get us to think this or that way goes with my thought process that our minds help to fashion this reality. That personally is why religion was organized so that the "leaders" could help shape what was thought of. I don't want to use my mind to think of all the s that could happen with portals opening. I want to make the world better.

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Ybul - well said. We need more light bearers in this world. I am also working to increase the positive butterfly effect, as are a number of us here. I think we are all in good company. Big Grin
Water represents the first lesson of a certain god thru his trials of becoming one with god. Forgiveness. Baptism of water fire and spirit.
Curious as to a reference link to what you speak of

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Still trying to understand and typing for myself. So I was in a car wreck, in which I broad sided another vehicle, which ran the light at 50 mph. Had I been a half second earlier, I would have been broadsided and maybe not alive.

So I just saw a you tube video in which spoke of how the Mandela effect may have come to be, our death or the planets and our bodies being so mangled that we needed to be returned to an alternate reality. If it is what happened, was it ww3 having a nuclear catastrophe or was it simply my death and my being, that extends to all and this is my dream I personally am trapped in and trying to free myself from via prayer, connection to the god head, this that or the other. Kind of meditating on the subject as if so then striving to make the world better as I have is meaningless, in part. As it has kept me distracted from what I really ought to be focused on.

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IMHO it is always a good thing to strive to make the world a better place. For me, that's top priority, wherever I'm at. We can speculate until the cows come home on the whys and wherefores, but the bottom line for me is I still need to conduct myself with the highest good in mind. I'm not always 100%, but hey, that's why we're here. Wherever here may be.

God bless us all.
Unfortunately that is my personality wanting to know why as opposed to just being. Maybe I'll figure out how to be in this reality and let go of the fear of the unknown and just experience this that or the other

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Me too ybul, I fight the why, why, why every day. Like my quest to find out about my vision and what my dad has been trying to tell me via dreams. Ultimately the message is I'll be ok, and I think I have to be content with that. If I was meant to know more, I'd be shown more. Big Grin

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