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Rescued Dog Drowns
Intention: July news event

I don't remember much of the dream other than the end.

I had gone to great lengths to rescue a dog, I believe it was a small beagle. I had the dog wrapped up in a blanket, and it snuggled up to me. I took it on a small boat with me, someone else was driving the boat. We then met up with another boat, again small, maybe 20' long. The driver of the 2nd boat looked like Malcolm McDowell, and he was wearing a long coat and an English flat cap. The water was very choppy and the clouds appeared dark grey and stormy. As I passed the dog, still wrapped in the blanket, over to the 2nd boat, the dog squirmed and did not want to go. The boats bumped up against each other, but I successfully transferred the dog over. Then both boats turned around, and I could see the dog still wrapped in the blanket, struggling to leave the boat and return to me. It fell in the water, and tangled in the blanket, it quickly died. I felt huge regret that after all our troubles the dog died, but at the same time I thought 'oh well', that there were other matters to attend to and we had done our best.

Afterthought: the beagle is a dog breed in Great Britain, and the 2nd boat driver appeared British, so I believe the news event will be related to Britain.
And also, I can't help but notice the growing meme of both boat and water. Thanks for intending, Iris!
Good point Eagle. Cool

And the second dream here lately with dogs. And dogs and puppies have been appearing in the bot runs more recently as well.
It seems to describe what has happened with the Brexit vote. I wonder if it is how many Britons feel right now now wanting to leave and heading off alone. What a sad dream.

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