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The Dearly Departed - Again
Intention - Future
Mood - Tired but relaxed

The first part was broken up and weird, but I'm with my mom and another female friend, although I can't say who she was. We're in one of those strange dreary landscapes, looking for supplies. The friend is obsessed with finding birth control pills, which I find hilarious in the dream, although I manage to find some for her. At one point in the dream I am also trying to find my dog, and I can see her down the street, so I take off after her. I wake up.

There was a brief interlude where I woke up, around 3ish, and then went back to bed.

The second part, I'm in the bed of a pickup truck with some other people, catching a ride. As we're going down the road I see what reminds me at first of Civil War reenacters, because there are a lot of tents, small campfires, and some people selling goods on the fringes of the camp. I think this is how a lot of people are living now. I remember I'm supposed to be looking for a new quilt, but I'm almost home.

I get home, and it's a Victorian house, dark but cool inside. Outside was all hot and steamy. My boyfriend is irritated because my mom has shown up. I'm irritated with him, because I haven't seen her in a while. She enters the foyer, and I am stunned by how good she looks. She's young and has quite a sparkle about her. We hug and she suggests going for a ride in her new car. We get in, and I notice the seats are reclined almost all the way back. She's driving, but also complaining to me that visiting me takes a lot of energy, and she's not used to it yet. She's tells me she's going to have to nap, and kind of turns on her side. I panic because we're still driving, so I grab the wheel. At this point I think it's odd because the drivers seat is on the right. I wake up.

So, in the first dream my mom was her older self, before she got sick and passed away. The dog was the same dog as the last dream with my dearly departed, and the dog is also deceased.

In the second part, my mom was very youthful, and seemed full of energy at first. Communicating with me seems to take more energy than she has at this point. I'm not sure what her message was.

And when I woke up I had the strange thought that my recurring vision of another room could actually be the afterlife. This was before I read Eagle's response to my dream from the day before, about how our existence continues, no matter what. Gave me the chills. (I don't think so, because I don't think my dad would be so insistent to remember I'm strong like him. And now my mom's joined in the conversation!)
Wow! You sure are being visited by loved ones.
Interesting about the camps.
Wish I knew more to tell you but am happy you are sharing this with us. Thanks
And while I have loved all my dogs, she was my first golden retriever. The golden retriever that made me love all golden retrievers. Smile

It's making me all misty-eyed right now.
Quote:In the second part, my mom was very youthful, and seemed full of energy at first. Communicating with me seems to take more energy than she has at this point. I'm not sure what her message was.

Her energetic vibration signature has changed, which happened when she left the dense physical body behind and shifted to another plane/reality. To be able to communicate with those still in this realm, she has to lower her vibrations and that takes a lot of energy. This is another reason why we need to do our own healing. When we heal, we shift our energetic vibration higher, thereby making it easier for those who need to lower their vibration level to communicate with us.

As for us continuing after what we consider death, all that dies is the physical body. The soul and the energy of us continues on. Using a simplistic metaphor, death is not much different than when someone leaves to go somewhere. You know they're still around, they're just not where you are at that time. You may miss their physical presence but they're still around.
This was the first dream I've had of her where I knew it was HER. I know my dad comes around, and I know which visits are HIM. She passed in October of 2014, it was so damn good to see her again! We used to get quite silly together. Big Grin

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