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7/1/2016 6:25pm Winter is coming
I am standing on a raft (handmade) house boat, I am in the south near a swamp.
I have nothing left here, and I feel someone is coming for me.
There is a kitten and a puppy playing on the wooden floor of the raft boat.

I look up and the kitten and puppy are now tumbling off of a log peaking out from the snow.
I look down at my feet and I am wearing thick moccasin looking shoes.
I am dressed like an Eskimo, a long fur lined coat, and thick winter pants.

I some how know that I am in the last village before reaching the north pole. There are odd white light people there, they look like a single piece of rice in size and shape, yet they are made of light, and when they step into this world they become as big as us. They take people, I do not know where, and I don't understand quote how i know all of this information, i just do.

Many people go missing in this village. Never to be seen again. I go inside of a small cabin, I have with me a child that isn't mine. I wanted to protect this child, so i stole the child from a family in the swamp and i brought the baby here with me. I am negotiating with a small older woman with dark leathery skin for renting a room.

I keeping thinking to myself, what name am i going to use for myself, and what should I call the baby girl i stole, she doesn't look like me, will this woman know this isn't really my daughter?

The people of the North are calling me outside, the woman becomes scared, and shuts up the cabin. She is afraid of them, because when they come around and start calling people, people go missing.

(There is a blank spot here as if I blacked out)

I find myself walking in the snow, the sound of the ice crunching under my feet with every step, i can smell how crisp and clean the air is, and i can taste it too. There is no pollution here, it is so clean and white! I am walking still in a northern direction and just before i reach the center (the north pole) where is should be the coldest, i find myself instead in a patch of green. Lush grasses are growing here, and i can now visually see several of the people of the north.

Their bodies that were light are now solid and they are very tall, and skinny, they do not look like us. They are very pale as if their skin doesn't see sun light. Their eyes are the bluest blue i have ever seen.

There is a caribou and an elk both grazing close by, and one of the people of the north ask me, do you want to stay here with us? I can not, i have to protect the girl, i tell them. Suddenly i am back in the ice cold white land of snow and wind.

I turn and walk slowly back to the village, to the kitten and the puppy.

Sounds: I can hear the wind as a color, white and I can hear the cold crackling like snow under my moccasins.

Feelings: There is a vibration, as if my entire spirit is vibrating inside of my body like a speaker when the base is up really high. The vibrating was constant like the OM Chanting @ 432 Hz.

I did not get a typical download, instead i just some how knew things, things i couldn't have possibly known. This dream has left me very shaken. The emotions of someone after me were very strong, my protective instincts were also very strong. I felt this woman's fear, she was in a dire panic, and i felt her fear as if it was my own, before i felt her fear... I was not afraid of the white light people of the north.

[Image: dogon_nordic_alien_gods.jpg]
[Image: 1-6.jpg]
Thanks Windy. This was such a vivid dream, you described it very well. It left me wanting to know more about the light people,
Thank you Windy for posting. I've been thinking about them for a couple of days, so thank you for posting confirming that they are still around. When I was younger I believed that they changed our DNA a very long time ago and that is how Caucasians came to be.
Thanks for sharing Windy. I find the vibration very interesting, singing the world into existence? I don't know why I said that!
I tried to do a search for "Winter is coming" but all I got was "Game of Thrones" stuff! LMAO
and I now know that is a major tag line in that TV series. :|
might look for Winter is Coming as music. There are several songs out there with that name.
Random thoughts: Winter could represent either nuclear winter, after a nuclear event, or something like the year without a summer, 1816, the result of a massive volcanic eruption.

A phrase from C.S. Lewis' The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was "Always winter, never summer."
Now that I have had some time to reflect on the deeper meaning of the dream and my feelings on this topic...

It has occurred to me that it wasn't Winter that was coming to meet me in the south, it was me running north to hide.
I needed a place that no one would ever look for me. After all I did steal someone's child. I did not want to go to jail for doing that.

I got the feeling that I personally was running away from a part of myself as well, from my past that no longer served it's purpose. There was an under tone of emotions about moving on, and being ready to move on. (the on going theme here)

This is a duel meaning dream for me, both on a personal level, as well as a message or news headline.

I keep getting this gut feeling that I need to do a search for missing children that have been found. Maybe that a news story will come along about a woman who stole a child from the south and the child was found as an adult living with the Eskimos or some incredible story like that.

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