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7/4/16 Sunset Superhero
Trending: july view key tent sunset superhero station sun profile lucidity private sequence add forum entries details witch dorm message business yesterday city eventually lion glass nap train conscious police means
Waning: blood fish emotional subway journal steps stove gives chest blur today apocalypse infection trump generic existing bus inline eden hint

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
I am incredibly unhappy to report the loss of some data that apparently happened last night as I (paradoxically) was busily backing up all my files. I go into this morning’s bot run process, only to find that the files I needed are NOWHERE; not on my computer, not on my backup laptop, not in my cloud, not on my external, not in my recycle bin, not in my cloud’s recycle bin….JUST GONE! Luckily, I have been keeping periodic backups, so we didn’t lose everything, but I am just strangely weirded out by this loss. I’m not angry nor bitter, but just flat out confused. If I knew what I did to cause the loss, I’d be able to be angry. I really would like answers about what happened. Regardless, I converted my negative energy into productivity by sweetening up the bot run presentation. Hope you like it! Smile

So this is the reason for “July” spiking back to the top of the list, but overall, we still have that same “superhero” meme and the metaphoric explosion meme (sunset, lucidity, and sun all match the previous nuke interpretation from the past few runs.) Of course, anything referring to nuke explosions could (especially considering the 10% rule in dream predictive analysis) represent today's holiday fireworks!

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday celebrations!!

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Well, good news folks. While I was doing all of today's updates and mini-resolution of the perceived data loss, I was allowing the cloud to recover files in the recycle bin (a place where my data was NOT present). However, when I went back to the previously empty folders, THERE'S ALL MY DATA! Just like a terrible magic show, we now have all our data. I still have no idea where it went and how it was recovered, so I'm going to be much more cautious from here on out. But bottom line, after wasting 4 hours of my day, we are good to go. Time to go have a holiday brunch Smile
YAY! Real magic DOES exist! Big Grin
blood fish emotional -A Catholic priest was murdered in his Normandy church after five people were taken hostage during a Mass.  The attack was carried out by ISSIS.  Fish would mean Christian in this case. There is not language to indicate a priest or the location of France in this run, but I felt it should be documented  here.

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