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Puppies and Dogs - Botruns and Dreams
Not sure what this is telling us, or where to park it. But puppies and dogs have been appearing in the botruns and in dreams (dogs that have passed on).

Here are the recent botruns, I'll post the dream links later.

6-10-16 Days Likely Terrified
Trending: days likely terrified selling puppies spirits special dancing haunted

6-11-16 A Halloween Style Attack
Trending: hose sally spider witch fight spirit exam helping hear lost fri reported attacking saturday taylor tend heavy high glasses glass likely yell hitting creature starting pocket yard haunted puppies alive

6-8-16 We Are At A Crossroads
Trending: crossroads terrace pile swing crazy sand glad puppies mountain ending dogs dry creepy ride economic gems imagination input hope upstairs stopped were ramp able animal lamp entries bus loose space

4-23-16 Triple Violence All In Sync
Trending: triple sync violent comp class poor stands hoping partner perimeter water friend view singing follow chill sleeping although has support river neighborhood project marijuana classroom walk right beautiful there calm tank wrapping mask different notified remember following down puppies bench

4-5-16 Red Alert: Combat Operation
Trending: combat chop spying fun shop sticky jealous hours sheep normal negative teach rushing mon etc much frequency draw mostly recall better sleeping intent april thanks character puppies yrs been nights carpet carried good quiet blurred paint change event entry sunday

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