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Move to small wealthy town in Michigan
My husband, son and I were much younger and had sold our home, eliminated all our debt, and had moved to a bit smaller home on a larger piece of land, perhaps a couple acres. I was amazed that our lot backed up to a lake, and was adjacent to a large city park. As we walked our property, we went down to the lake. A few others were around, and we watched a man in a white suit come riding in on a wave. He looked like Bob Saget from Full House, 20 years younger. Or perhaps a younger David Copperfield, the magician. The wave was negligible, and at first I thought he was swimming, but then I could see a wave board underneath him. I asked him how the water was, thinking that must have been a cold ride, but he just said it was fine as the wave pushed him up onto shore. His face was emotionless. As he emerged from the water, someone on shore videotaped him with a small hand-held video camera, artistically capturing him from the ground as he walked over the camera. His white suit seemed dry.

We were puzzled by that but continued to walk the property, now walking along the park. Many people had gathered, seemed as though the entire town was there, as this was the only activity to do. We overheard someone talking about Michigan and the amount of moisture it gets, and it dawned on us that we were now living in Michigan and we better get prepared for the winters and the snow. We would have to sell our cars and buy 4-wheel vehicles, which was not an expenditure we had planned on.

In our walk along the sandy beach I somehow twisted my fingers in a thorny leaf-less bush, and in trying to untangle myself managed to slip a large blue topaz ring with a gold band off my fingers, and it also became caught in the thorns. I was very tangled up and exasperated that my husband decided to lie down on a beach chair and just watch me rather than help. I finally released myself and in a huff, marched off to clean my hands and ring. Or so I said, as really my feelings were hurt that hubby couldn't be bothered to help me. As I walked on I observed that townspeople were at the park to watch or participate in sports. I marveled at the athletic courts there for a wide variety of sports, with cushy spectator seats. For some sports, other cities or towns would have had large bleacher sections, but here there would just be a dozen or so very nice padded seats with arm rests, as this town was very small but apparently wealthy.
This dream seems full of symbolism, so folks, how to interpret?
deja vu! I have read this dream from you before....
Well, yet another celebrity dream.
Perhaps it relates a bit to the upcoming olympics. Getting tangled in the bush seams like the world we seem to be living in. The white reminds me off the okympics too and the ring. Well a little anyway.
whoa, deja vu from Windy, sends chills up my back!

Twice Blessed: good point about the Olympics, with the mention of ring and sporting events, I had not thought of that!

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