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How to inquire about 'dream occurrance' credit?
A while back, I posted a series of dreams regarding both 'July 4th', 'July 7th' (both of 2016), as well as the first week of July.  My overall dreams kept insinuating events that would 'be the start of something terrible'.

While I perceived this to be more 'worldwide', I did in fact hit a major event with this series of dreams that, did in fact fulfill.

The multiple police shootings, 'Black-Lives-Matter', and nationwide (if not worldwide) protests all fell, rather accurately, on this date and week line-up.  It was bad, it met the date-specified, and I am quite sure that we have not heard the end of this.

While I cannot speak, yet, of it 'being the beginning of far worse things', I can say that it was fulfilled.

I ask 'how to be recognized' for this dream, as I noted none of my stats did change, nor did anyone recognize this to say anything about it.  If my dream postings are this inconsequential, then all I ask is someone to say so, please.
I can't speak for anyone else but for me, sometimes it's a matter of time passing and so many dreams come through from different people that the dreams get jumbled up in my head. If months go by, I can guarantee that most dreams won't register for me unless someone either mentions a particular dream or I read something that jiggles a memory of a dream loose. Even then I have to search through the database to find the particular dream.

It's not a matter of your dreams being inconsequential-they're not, so don't even go there, hear me?-but after time has passed and so many dreams have been posted that we need the dreamer to remind us of a particular dream's status, especially if it has proved quite accurate. So thanks for reminding me of your dreams and bringing the issue to our attention.

So asking in regards to a personal #CameTrue is always worth your while. After all, you're the one most likely to remember your dreams, right? Big Grin
Interesting take on 'dreams', DLP, but in saying what you have, the 'pessimistic' take away on what you are saying is, 'dreams don't really matter, they're just great stories to share' (a very Hollywood-esque viewpoint, I must say).

You propose the 'Freudian' approach, that dreams are nothing but perception tests, that they do not carry more significance than this. This then, discredits the sharing of them; you do realize this? If they are nothing more than for my personal review, then I already keep an excellent journal of 'what I've seen'...and if they are 'open to interpretation', then this would be a personal interpretation, as they were only given to me, no one else (any other take on that, indicates you would believe in a 'shared dream state' which would be akin to remote viewing in group, with group-individual awareness active).

While not proposing that I am, by any means, a 'visionary', a 'seer', or a 'prophet'; what then, defines any of these? Are you saying they are dreamers with high-percentages of accuracy that 'chose to go public'? This in itself refutes any higher power, that the dreams were given as a 'warning to the select', and instead merely declares that they are 'entertainment for all'.

Interesting perception, I must say. You say 'your dreams are not inconsequential', and yet then go on to expound on why that they are 'off', 'a possible miss', or 'unclear'. Actually, my dreams weren't off - my conscious decoding-application of them was, but this is mincing words on my behalf.

I do understand why I've seen other things that I've been told in dream-state to 'not disclose'. Not to be arbitrary or combative, but I think I'll keep the rest to myself. I'm not really big on just 'telling stories', and I already keep my journal for my own clarity. After all, it isn't my loss. The dreams are quite terrible and I have them far to frequently anyhow.

Thanks for your input though, DLP, it did allow me to see it from an external perspective better, and while everyone on the board does like to reference Eagle1's '10-percent rule', I often have privately wondered about that 'rule', compared to how statistics really work. Is that 100-percent of the people are accurate 10-percent of the time, or is that 20-percent of the people are accurate 50-percent of the time, or is that 10-percent of the people are accurate 100-percent of the time? Carrying this forward, if you remove one of the 10-percent'ers, I wonder if a statistician can expound on what the new population accuracy number becomes?

Oh, well, it's just entertainment. (I really must get my tuning adjusted, I seem to be stuck on the horror channel, while everyone else seems to dream of nice houses, puppies, and passed-relatives - none of which I ever see. I want the good dreams for a change, so I'm in protest against my tuning-provider).
If you would like to get credit in your trophy case then please send me a private message with the link of the dream and a request to review it.

This is the criteria used to score dreams for accuracy:
1st Number will represent WHAT 0-5
2nd Number will represent WHERE 0-5
3rd Number will represent WHEN 0-5

After I have reviewed the dream, i will message the dream link, the news link, and the break down of my scoring to Eagle1 with a request to review and update your trophy case.
Skeeter, we do appreciate your dreams and insights. Let's just get that clear from the get go.

Now, Eagle's 10% rule isn't about percentages of dreamers - it refers to the things that are seen in dreams that come true being about 10% of the severity in real life. And that's not to say all dreams fall under that rule, it's just something that he has noted while running the site.

And as far as nice houses, puppies and passed relatives, all of which are my dreams, my particular style is my way of precognitive dreaming. I very often dream about the mundane coming true. I have often railed about never having dreams that involve giant floods, super heroes or aliens. But I have also more recently come to a place of peace with how my dreams, and my brain, work. I more recently dreamed a solution for someone that saved them from surgery. Not a big dream, but certainly a significant one, and one that I'm proud of. So I continue to post the mundane, as I am convinced the bot needs as much dream language it can get its little scrubbers on, because the bot is just as important as a full out precog dream.

I believe we all bring different skills and styles to the table, and we are all equally as important, whether it's puppies, kitties or my dear old dad. Or space aliens. Or giant floods and maps of the US. We should also all be vigilant and scrub the dreams ourselves for a #cametrue, and speak up if we all get busy and miss something. We're the collective, not a bunch of individuals.

I'll get off my soapbox now. Big Grin
Has the process changed? I thought when we had a dream trophy case we posted it on the trophy link thread and scored it ourselves.
From when I started here several years ago now... Eagle1 has always had the final approval on the scoring. There have been several times i have posted to my own trophy case, and requested a review... although at that time Eagle1 was busy so they never happened.

Since then when i see a dream that has come true i score it and send it to Eagle1 for him to review and post his findings in that persons trophy case. That seems to have lightened his load a bit so others can get their dreams scored.
Wow. There is absolutely no way I can respond to what you posted, Skeeter, because you read so much into my words and assigned a meaning based on your perceptions that is so far off what I posted as to leave me speechless.

Instead of taking my words at face value or even asking for clarification if you didn't grok what I posted, you perceived a slight. If you were looking to feel slighted, you succeeded.

I have nothing more to contribute here so I'm going to go have fun and leave you to your perceptions.
Awesome thread guys, despite the apparent conflict that may have ignited. I think everyone here has so many great perspectives that I will be including on this site going forward. First off, let me say that the NDC has always been run by volunteers from its inception. We don't have any profits and we don't even accept monetary donations. Thus, at the very outset, we told the world that although we didn't want people to be solely responsible for their dreams come true, that is exactly what we expected of all our dreamers. That being said, I used to have a form that dreamers would fill out which would help guide them through the correct format of a "precognition trophy." The old WordPress format crashed and so I had to take down the form. At that time, my life was in complete shambles, losing the relationship I had built for 17 years. Suffice it to say that I have not had time to build a new form.

Until that time, I agree with Windy's suggestion to send your request for scoring to her. In other words, if you think your dream came true, then go to the dream scoring page in the about section and attempt to score your dream before submitting to Windy.

Hopefully soon I will create a new form for you all to submit your dreams come true. Once approved, the dream and headline will be submitted into the trophy case with a clear explanation of the score. Dreamer receives the amount of reputation points equivalent to the score they recieved.

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