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Skunk Dream, 7/15/16, am
Start of Dream. Dreamed I am walking through what looks like a maintenance garage like in a car repair shop but larger. I see a skunk walking toward me and I think, oh no I wonder how far they can spray. There are other people between myself and the skunk so I think, well if the skunk sprays they will get the brunt of it. I started walking in the opposite direction of where the skunk was headed and just when I thought it was out of range, the skunk sprayed and I was hit with one little drop of spay. There was no smell so I was happy to be able to just wipe it off. The dreamed ended with my wondering why it did not smell.

Afterthoughts: I looked up the meaning of dreaming of a skunk and found this one that makes sense to how I was feeling when I went to sleep last night: "Alternatively, the dream means that it is time to confront your repressed anger".  Last night I went to sleep with lots of anger about what happened in Nice and about other violence that happened recently.

I think skunks are just so cute so I'm happy there was no stink in the dream. Pepe Le Pew is my fav cartoon.

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May want to smudge yourself and/or take a cleansing salt bath since you did get hit with one drop of spray. The energy of that drop may still be with you and I tend to be wary of anything that "hits" me during dreamtime.
This one came true. I have been emotionally skunked by a coworker. It was caused by jealousy on my co-workers part. At first I was confused and angry. Then I remembered this dream and it made me laugh so I was no longer angry.  Big Grin.

Update: In prayer this morning, I prayed about my co-worker and asked the Good Lord to help her to understand that I am not a threat to her. And I said, Lord I am going to request a meeting with this women to clear the air. I was told "it won't be necessary". Soooooo, just what is the Good Lord going to do about this situation? I am looking forward to see what happens.

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