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Stealing a bomber to bomb the building I'm in
No intent for this dream.

In the dream, I am in a group. We're being briefed on a mission while we're in an office building. Its a large group of people, men and women. Apparently our mission will be to steal a bomber; once stolen, we will use the bomber to come back and bomb the building we are being briefed in. I believe the bomber was a vintage bomber (WW2), but in the dream we never got to the point of stealing the bomber. I don't remember how, but this building is somehow tied to the Beatles; we are near some of the museums of the Beatles, but this building itself does not hold any significant items related to the Beatles. I know I asked and was happy that the bombing mission would not involve bombing any of the actual Beatles historical items.

When the briefing is finished, we get up to leave and walk through the office buildings. Almost everybody that is leaving has "finisher medals" on; not pinned on medals, but medals that are worn over the neck to indicate we've done this before. I have 3 or 4 on. I can hear the clinking of all of the medals as we're walking as they bump against each other. There is one individual that has no medals on, that is a part of my group of 3.

We proceed to walk out of the building where we were briefed and go into a very modern, lots of glass high rise type of office building. We are walking through the lobby. I have the sense its a bank.

We get out onto the street, and are boarding a bus. Basically a school bus. We file back and sit with our groups of 3.

I don't know how, but somehow I wound up being outside of the bus. I was chasing the bus to get back onto it. It was myself and at least 2 others, I think one of the others was the individual that didn't have any medals.


I'm not sure how much of this was day residue, having done a race last weekend where we had to catch a shuttle bus to get back to my car (it was a school bus and I was wearing my finisher's medal), and having been reading about Turkey and Incirlic air force base. No idea where the Beatles would have fit into any of this though. Its odd enough and I remember enough of it that it seemed like it should be posted.
Maybe the Beatles is your clue something will happen in England.

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