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Windy's Trophy Case (previously NADW or DreamWeaver)
We are welcoming Windy's trophies back here to the NDC. We'll clean up the formatting later, but for now we're just consolidating all her trophies in one location....

NOTE: Please be aware that some of the links herein are old or not working. We will eventually sort all those out and replace them. Thank you.

NativeAmericanDreamWeaver's Trophy Case
DREAM: Animal Abuse
The summary of this precognition is as follows:
A longtime volunteer with an animal protection organization in New Jersey has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges.
really was. She had money and connections and could get away with this. It was going on right before my eyes. I had to get to the bottom of who was
this woman.
Dream Link: (2014-07-21)
News Link: (2014-07-29)
This dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-0-0
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 5-2-3)
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DREAM: Confusion
Cyborg News Accurately Predicted
The summary of this precognition is as follows (the actual dream says it best):
The Dream
Page 1
Precognative Identified
This dream was very confusing, I did more watching other people in the dream, there were many people in the dream, some I knew and others I did not,
the general trend was watching how other people were trying to protect themselves and their property. There was a lot more but I didn't feel like writing
it all down when I woke up, all I wanted this morning was a cup of coffee! So I lost most of it. 7/1/2014 9:45am I am walking around the outside of a
shopping center, I have a new cell phone but I put it into my mouth and it fits like dentures so that all of my contacts, emails, calendar and apps are a
I saw this news headline on the Local NBC News but found more on a Google search.
NEWS 1 Part Human, Part Machine, Cyborgs Are Becoming A Reality
July 31st 2014 It’s no accident that cyborgs work in the field of technology. In Finland, Jerry Jalava, a computer programmer, lost his finger in a
motorcycle accident in 2008. A year later he became an online sensation after replacing his missing digit with a 2-gigabyte USB “finger drive”. Jalava
uses it for storing personal information, digital photos and videos. Earlier this year Ribas had a device permanently attached to her arm. “I call it my
August 4th 2014 NEW YORK (CNNMONEY) — Cyborgs are a staple of science fiction— from “Star Wars” to “Star Trek” and “The Terminator.”
Neil Harbisson is a musician, an artist — and a cyborg. He has an antenna surgically implanted in his skull and identifies as a cyborg.
Foundation co-founder.
By definition, a cyborg is a person whose human skills are enhanced by technology.
As devices increasingly take over our lives, some people are actually putting them in their bodies.
Harbisson explains why he would decide to attach the antenna to himself in the first place.
actually drilled my head and made it implanted.” Finding a doctor who agreed to put that in his head was difficult, however.
“It was very complex, because there’s bioethical committees that don’t really agree with the unions between humans and technology,” said Harbisson.
“So in the end, I did find one, and he did anonymously. So he did the implant.” His partner, Moon Ribas, is also a self-described cyborg. She wears an
antenna that she says vibrates every time there’s an earthquake. “Well, I’m a choreographer, and I want to perceive movement in the deeper way I can,”
Dangerous Things Founder Amal Graafstra sells chips people can implant in their bodies.
“I think we’ve sold probably around 2,000-3,000 implants across all the different types,” he said.
Graafstra has one in each hand and uses it to scan into his car, home and personal safe.
“Essentially, what I’ve done is taken an RFID [radio-frequency identification] implant and moved it from a pants pocket to a skin pocket,” he said.
It sounds futuristic, but Harbisson envisions a world where implantable tech and surgical add-ons could give people superhuman abilities.
“I think it will be very interesting because we’ll see someone, and we’ll see that they have a new body part and maybe it can be an antenna and maybe it
can be a tail, and it can be wings. It can be anything, or it can be a completely new body part,” he said. “And then the question is, what sense you have
Dates / Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-07-01)
News Link (2014-07-31)
This dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-0-0
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 5-2-3)
Senior Member
I was at the Mall two days ago and I noticed the Shipping container outside of the mall in the parking lot, just as I had seen it in my dream, so I was
curious to know if the news was closer to looking like it did in my dream, which included technology that could go inside of the body. If you will
remember from the dream, I put my cell phone into my mouth and all of my contacts ended up in my body so that they became a part of me so that I
Graafstra defines bio-hackers as “DIY cyborgs who are upgrading their bodies with hardware without waiting for corporate development cycles or
authorities to say it’s OK”. But, he concedes, “Samsung and Apple aren’t blind to what we’re doing. Somewhere in the bowels of these companies are
DREAM: Still Stuck
Dreamed 7/31/2014 10:00am Intention August 18th 2014, California.
It is a sunny warm early morning, very calm, peaceful. I am detached emotionally.
My husband and I are standing in a field of tall yellow grass.
I see and smell rotting meat.
A couple is nailing men's ties to a tree.
The woman turns into a man, then back into a woman, then back into a man. I am not confused by the gender changes, the she is.
The dreams are fragments, little spec of the total dream. All the rest was lost upon waking.
Page 2
Precognative Identified
By Lorenzo Ferrigno, CNN
updated 7:37 PM EDT, Fri August 15, 2014
Bodies found in garage, storage unit after funeral director's suicide
The adults were so decomposed the gender could not be identified, Levesque said. The infant was believed to be a female.
The bodies were found by a man who had purchased the unit, which was auctioned because there was no payment on it for six months, Levesque said.
(I worked as a self storage manager for 20 + years. When someone has not paid you put a Blue lock on the unit, when the lock is cut off and an
inventory is taken of what you can see from the door, a red lock is put on the door along with a colored tag or known to us managers as a tie. These ties
Dream Link (2014-07-31)
News Link (2014-08-15)
This dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-0-4
came true.
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 5-2-4)
DREAM: Broken Windows
The summary of this precognition is as follows:
Basically, the dreamer intended about August and received a specific, bona-fide police policy through a metaphoric connection to her dream.
Members Of Congress Seek Federal Probe Into Eric Garner’s Death
Rep. Clarke: 'Broken Windows' Policy Of Policing Is Just A Cousin To Stop And Frisk August 14, 2014 6:46 PM
month’s police custody death of Eric Garner and the law enforcement strategy known as “broken windows.”
Broken windows is a Psychology term.
Dream: Both jobs had to do with **BROKEN WINDOWS**
One of my jobs I was working with a psychologist.
Dream Link (2014-07-08)
News Link (2014-08-14)
This dream/news combo receives the following score: 4-0-3.
way to convey the title of the police policy, "Broken Windows."
- WHEN (far right number on the score) was given 3 because the month was spot on.
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 4-2-3)
Validated Precognition #5
We verified this precognitive dream with the following justification:
DREAM key words: woman of a volunteer group, Dedicated, Congregation, Nazi, Committed.
Betty Gold
Posted: Tuesday, July 29, 2014 3:42 pm | Updated: 9:00 am, Mon Aug 11, 2014.
remaining Holocaust survivor living in America from Trochenbrod, a vanished shtetl in what used to be Ukraine but now is Poland, Gold passed away
murdered nearly all of its 5,000 residents in August and September 1942. It also deals with her post-Trochenbrod years, including her time in
Beachwood and the former director of volunteers at the museum.****
her interesting things about Judaism and being Jewish.
“She was **dedicated** to getting the message out,” Sivertson said. “She was extremely generous with her time and resources.”
“The message was loud and clear,” Wilhelm said. “If she could overcome evil, certainly they could as well.”
More Notes:
Page 3
Precognative Identified
- There were many nouns, adjectives, and verbs identical to the news. Therefore, a full 5 is warranted.
However, the dreamer intended for a date of August 15th, which is within one months' time from either of those days. Therefore, the WHEN component
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-07-14)
News Link (2014-07-29)
This dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-0-3
Another fine performance here!!- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 5-2-3)
DREAM: Homeless in the Woods
Validated Precognition #6
We verified this precognitive dream with the following justification:
combination. Admin gives this sequence a full 5 even though the main attribute about the news was training, technically everything in the WHAT
too many States spanning the distance, so the I can't consider this inside of an average-sized country. Therefore, 1 point.
WHEN- The month of August was intended, and the news came out in August; therefore, 3 points.
More Notes:
1. I am living in the mountains in a cabin; it is a bright beautiful summer morning.
2. It looks like a forest of zombies. The homeless people look like they are zombies, there is no tent cities like a normal homeless camp.
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-06-22)
News Link (2014-08-19)
This dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-1-3
- Another fine performance here!! Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Schizophrenia or Multiverse?
Validated Precognition #7
We verified this precognitive dream with the following justification:
WHAT- The gist of the news is about the strong connection between bipolar mental diagnosis and creativity. The dream was a clear connection to this
news even though the dreamer selected the word Schizophrenia, because she used the term "I am caught between two universes with the same body..."
which is a nice description of the illness. Furthermore, she clearly has been diagnosed in the dream because she steps foot into a ward. This is not a
WHERE - (Dreamer says...) "I used 3 to score the where because this is a "State of mind" which is not a physical location per say. Neither the dream
nor the news article is speaking of places but of states of mind." Oh boy, we've found a big loophole in the scoring system, which will need revamping.
The dreamer is correct in that there is no real place involved here. Therefore, she doesn't deserve a 0...she shouldn't be penalized. But at the same time,
WHEN- There is no data for the when component.
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-07-27)
News Link (2014-08-15)
This dream/news combo receives the following score: 1-N-0
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 2-N-3 if Metaphors are accepted)
Arguments for changes in scoring:
disease), but the possibility of a link between "madness" and creativity is ancient and persistent.
Additionally, the first-degree relatives of people with schizophrenia, although not those with schizophrenia, were more likely to be in creative
occupations. The word Madness implies mental illness, and in my dream I state: they think I am crazy, schizophrenic. Most people do not say madness
mental illness. I feel at least a two on the “What” should be applied since Schizophrenia, and madness/crazy are the main verbs used to describe the
2 – At least two descriptors exactly correct (can be any combination of noun, verb, adj, adverb, color, height, weight, etc.)
Page 4
Precognative Identified
New Theory Suggests That Parallel Worlds Exist And Could Help Explain QuantumMechanics
Wiseman said in a statement. “In the well-known ‘Many Worlds Interpretation’, each universe
branches into a bunch of new universes every time a quantum measurement is made. All possibilities
VERIFIED PRECOGNITION #7 – (2nd verification of this dream)
Dream: Broken Windows
We verified the following precognitive dream by .NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
The summary of this precognition is as follows:
What: Serena Williams Shatters Glass Window with Tennis Ball on David Letterman Broken Window@ Deli
athlete and on the David Letterman show by accident.
Country applies under the new scoring system. 2 – Correct COUNTRY- exact country or sub-continent geographical area was correctly predicted.
correct month of the correct year that was predicted.
Dream Link (2014-07-08)
News Link (2014-08-22)
This dream/news combo receives the following score: 4-0-3.
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 4-2-3)
DREAN: Project UNO
Validated Precognition #8
We verified this precognitive dream with the following justification:
WHAT: 5 out of 5 -- Teen boys kill a teen girl. Additional descriptor: The environment was wooded/back country.
WHERE: 3 out of 5 -- Somehow the dreamer knew it was going to be Michigan, which is correct.
WHEN: 4 out of 5 -- Intended for August 1st 2014; First headline on 7/25/2014. That is one week from the target date, so 4 points.
We can score this dream even though the outcome and investigation is still ongoing.
her son didn't do this.
Instead the latest news is that The boys Father is the one who is the suspect in the killing.
Metaphors or further clarification include:
I see both boys now with red on the palms of their hands.... they are both guilty, this is symbolic.
saw them speaking to the media.)
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-06-23)
News Link (2014-07-25)
Additional News Headlines:
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-3-4
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeave!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
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DREAM: Dead Birds, Bodies, & Car Crash
Validated Precognition #9
We verified this precognitive dream with the following justification (note: Change 3 was used for this scoring).
WHAT: 2 out of 5: (from news: "However, this year has seen a skyrocketing rate of the virus found in dead birds as well as positive mosquito hits, and
last week the county reported the first five human cases.") The main gist of the article is the virus, which isn't mentioned anywhere in the dream. For
this sequence, VIRUS should have been either the subject or 3rd descriptor. The dead birds is one subject, but this subject is a symptom of the main
case, CA is correct, so 3 points.
WHEN: 4 out of 5: Premeditation – August 29th 2014 -- 1 week short of the date specified.
Page 5
Precognative Identified
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-05-21)
News Link (2014-08-22)
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 2-3-4
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Robotic Strom Troopers - Body Scanning
Validated Precognition #10
We verified this precognitive dream with the following justification:
WHAT: 5 out of 5 -- News referred to police as "Storm troopers" which is an exact match to my dream.
News snippet: "If Ferguson, Missouri, looked like a war zone this week, it's because police departments in the St. Louis area -- just like many others
across the country -- are arming their officers with equipment plucked straight from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. CBS News' Jan Crawford
Dream: My daughter and I are living in a society that is being searched by “Robotic Storm Troopers” they are body scanning un and scanning
everything we own. The searches become more frequent and aggressive. I decide to take my daughter to school. On the way I tell her I am afraid of our
WHERE: 5 out of 5 -- I gave a physical description of a place I have never been before, upon reviewing Google Maps I found in Ferguson MO. a water
park which does not currently have any water in it, if you go to the street view there is water. This water park is located right next to the elementary
If you go to Google Maps Type in:
January-Wabash Park 110 Church St Ferguson, MO 63135
Right next to the park is a small man made lake and an school:
Ferguson Middle School 701 January Ave Ferguson, MO 63135
instead but it is empty, there is no water below. The pedestrian bridge goes in the shape of a square above the square water hold area. Like a maze it
There are large concrete half circles for constructions and she tells me to wait here until she gets back from school. She hops on a bus so she can go to a
special class across town. In the mean time I go into the half circle concrete opening, there is a small square room a little ways back behind a fence, I sit
WHEN: 3 out of 5 -- It was a project august dream so the dreamer intended for the month of August, which was indeed the correct month: 3 points.
Metaphors or further clarification include:
pretends like they don’t know what is in those planters, the plants are still very small, babies plants.
Red and Green Rows
row of red on the right, so they form a road of red and green flowers.
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-07-24)
News Link (2014-08-15)
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-5-3
- We're getting very close to a perfect score here. Great job again, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Coast of California West of Shasta
Validated Precognition #11
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: Earth Quake Northern California
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-05-27)
News Link (2014-08-24)
moved into waves of land. The tops of the trees moved like a crowed doing the wave at a baseball game and the birds flew out of the trees and began to
quake as waves, not hard jolts)
Dream: "I turned toward the east, there was a few small fires here and there. The smoke was white in one area and black in another."
has set up a shelter for those who need a place to stay.
within the state confines, which equates to 3 points.
DREAM: I am hiking up a mountain on the coast of California. I look up to see four shining metal objects in the sky, they look like Quarters floating in
the air to my left and to my right, there are three to my right, and one to my left. They look like flying saucers as I get closer, until I reach the top of the
Page 6
Precognative Identified
breeze just feels wonderful!
The above description indicates 25% up the northern California from San Francisco, the Earth Quake was felt over a large region.
according to the USGS.
The 6.1-magnitude quake struck just six miles southwest of Napa, California's famed wine country.
something very interesting in her dream...
flowers along the trail I am hiking are almost dead. It feels like the end of summer and the beginning of fall.
Wow! Does this not feel like the end of August and beginning of September timeframe or what? The end of summer this year is Sept 22, so if we take
her dream literally, the very last day it could have been was just that, Sept 22. The actual earthquake took place on Aug 24, which is within one month
Metaphors or further clarification include:
DREAM: It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but then again it wasn’t in the middle of a city.
The major Damage was in the small town of NAPA not a major metropolitan area.
DREAM: I felt so far away from what had just happened
Living in San Jose, Ca. I felt the earthquake but I was far enough away that only items shook and did not fall.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-3-3
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Denver Airport
Validated Precognition #12
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: Denvor Airport - Sick & Injured
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-07-22)
News Link (2014-08-27)
WHAT: 4.5 out of 5 -- This sequence is just about as literal as you can get without it being literal. The people "dying" were just actors, and so they
weren't really dying. However, this metaphor (an emergency exercise simulating actual disaster) is so obvious and clear that the minimum amount of
but there were new ones, which were just as disturbing.
people are dying all around me, hazmat suits, gas masks, guns, a woman in laying on a bed outside of the hanger, she calls me over to her.
I look over her and there is a sea of children of all different nationalities, all sick or injured.
DENVER - Denver International Airport Wednesday conducted a full-scale aircraft disaster exercise to test emergency response.
The exercise brought out more than 400 volunteers to play the role of victims and included the efforts of surrounding emergency personnel.
DIA’s airfield.
Administration and other agencies.
the video at the link above shows a military helicopter
WHERE: 5 out of 5 -- Absolutely spot on...Denver Airport. Max score!
WHEN: 4.5 out of 5 -- The dream "predicted" August 26th 2014, and the news came out on the 27th of August, 2014. That's within + or - 1 Day, so
nearly perfect. However, it wasn't on the exact day, so let's compromise with 4.5. (Within 1 week is 4 points and within 1 day is 5 points--this was just
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 4.5 - 5 - 4.5
to go.
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: The Turtle people - Breeding Program
Validated Precognition #13
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: USAF Whistleblower Says There Really Is An Underground ET
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-06-21)
There Really Is An Underground ET Cloning and Hybridization Lab Near Dulce, New Mexico. Report Upcoming."
Mexico. Report Upcoming.
— Part 2: Is The Dulce ET Lab Linked to ETs from Sirius? Report Upcoming.
Page 7
Precognative Identified
Dream: I was taken from the parking lot by the Turtle People, a very nice couple that I wanted to help. In a way I felt like their pet and they were my
owners, like a dog I wanted nothing more than to please them and make them happy with me. We are underground in dark space and they need help
getting down into the cavern below. I climb in and notice I am very nude and cold, my knees are in a pool of water and it is pitch black inside, I put my
hands on the opening I just came in, put my head down so the Turtle People can climb down my back. They had very sharp claws that were cutting into
Once we get down into the cavern I ask them "Do you want me to start the Breeding program?"
WHERE: 1 out of 5 -- There is a very small hint of a metaphor here, but it doesn't specifically distinguish any state, country, or even continent.
25th, which is just over 2 months. That falls within the same 3-month period, which implies the correct season, or 2 points.
Metaphors or further clarification include: Turtle people are referring to gray looking aliens.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-0-2
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
Argument for reconsideration of score: I believe this score should be 2 for the country.
This was a layered dream, 2 of 3 dreams, in the first layered dream I was in Louisiana. Therefore I feel this does distinguish that I was in the
southern United States, in fact it would put me two states away from Dulce, New Mexico. If you look at the third dream in the layers I am in a
for a duplicate of turtle people little brother, and had to go in later and approve the dream at my request so they are out of order in the dream
WHEN: 0 out of 5 -- There were no dates in the dream or intended, so we default to the actual dream date of 6/21/2014. The article came out on Aug
25th, which is just over 2 months. That falls within the same 3-month period, which implies the correct season, or 2 points. <~~ You mentioned this but
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 5-2-2)
DREAM: Scar Tissue
Validated Precognition #14
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: Giant fissure splits the earth
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-05-15)
News Link (2014-08-22)
landscape had new large sunken canyons rippled before me. It was right in the middle of where the road had been, which lead directly into town.
News: A huge fissure has split open the earth in a rural Mexican town, stunning locals and scientists, who are still seeking to explain its origin.
The crack appeared last week and crosses Highway 26 between Hermosillo, in the northwest of Mexico, and the Gulf of California.
The fissure is the length of three quarters of a mile, about 26 feet deep and 16 feet wide.
Geologists are still investigating what could have caused the phenomenon.
A huge fissure has split open the earth in a rural Mexican town, stunning locals and scientists, who are still seeking to explain its origin.
look at the scar Tissue Canyon landscape in front of me, I am facing North East, with New Mexico to my left, and my house to my right.
New: in a rural Mexican town, crosses Highway 26 between Hermosillo, in the northwest of Mexico, and the Gulf of California.
considered an average US State. So, even though the event happens in Mexico, the distance is judged to be within one state's distance, so 3 point.
WHEN: 3 out of 5 -- Pre-Meditation: August 9th 2014 5:45pm, News: August 22nd 2014. The news is definitely within one month, so 3 points.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5 - 3 - 3
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Peeping John!
Validated Precognition #15
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: Peeping - John!
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-05-20)
News Link (2014-08-29)
at me. The window of my ground floor Victorian apartment home was open so I could feel the cool night breeze on me as I slept.
Stay Inn in Burbank, said Burbank Police Lt. John Dilibert. I got the peepers name mixed up with the officers name.
minimum amount of points is subtracted from the total. Thus, 4.5
WHERE: 3 out of 5 -- Dream: San Francisco, Ca. News: Glendale , Ca. News is definitely within the predicted state, thus 3 points.
WHEN: 5 out of 5 -- Dream: Premeditation – August 29th 2014
Page 8
Precognative Identified
Stay Inn. (Bing Maps / updated September 1, 2014) The day was direct hit, thus max points.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 4.5 - 3 - 5
- Yet another great hit, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver! Great job!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to Find Reply
DREAM: Hologram Universe
Validated Precognition #16
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: hologram universe
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-05-13)
News Link (2014-08-28)
WHAT: 4.5 out of 5 -- Hologram wheel, and hologram universe. both are a circle shape, and in the news article the scientist is trying to peer in between
what we know to be our reality and what we believe is possible to confirm or deny the existence that our universe is in fact a hologram. In my dream I
Admin: Since the dream hologram cards symbolize (through metaphor) the major part of the scientific study, this will be graded as a metaphor. The
metaphor itself (hologram cards being the hologram universe that is tested) correctly pegs the news story, so we begin with 5.0 points and subtract the
so 2 points.
intended month, so 3 points.
Metaphors or further clarification include:
and never sits still," says Craig Hogan at the University of Chicago, who dreamed up the experiment."
There are a total of 3 dreams concerning the Hologram wheel message. these dreams show as inactive so I put the full dreams here:
I put all three of the dream links here to shorten this section.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 4.5 - 2 - 3
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: When Conscious life begins
Validated Precognition #17
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: prepare for the birth of someone very special
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-08-20)
News Link (2014-09-08)
WHAT: 3 out of 5 -- "prepare for the birth of someone very special" was what the dreamer declared as the metaphor to this dream. It was the correct
metaphor for the verb and object of the news. The subject of the news was the Duke and Duchess. When we score events that happen frequently (the
Duchess has not even reached the crucial 12-week stage," the source said.
am nano size, I am life.
WHEN: 3 out of 5 -- Within 1 month.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 3 - 0 - 3
metaphoric details of that dream!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Denver Airport - Sea of Sick Children
Validated Precognition #18
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: Sea of Sick Children
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-07-22)
Page 9
Precognative Identified
News Link (2014-09-07)
WHAT: 4.5 out of 5 -- Dream: Sea of sick children
News: 450 children in In Kansas City, Missouri.
Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Illinois, saw more than 70 children.
In East Columbus, Ohio, Nationwide Children's Hospital saw a 20% increase in patients with respiratory illnesses last weekend.
Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky.
literally a sea, but most people would probably make that connection pretty easy. Therefore, we start with 5.0 and subtract 0.5 for the metaphor....thus,
WHERE: 2.5 out of 5 -- Dream: Denver Airport - News: Colorado
Same State as listed even though the news was regarding the Midwest, so I am comfortable with Country.
ADMIN: We'll split the difference. This is a wide-scoping area with the epicenter in Kansas City, however, epidemics know no boundaries. 2.5
WHEN: 3 out of 5 -- Meditation August 26th 2014
normally watch or read the news, only c2cam daily news talk, so I will put this dream here and try again for Project August 26th, 2014
virus began in August 2014, so max point for the month, which is 3.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 4.5 - 2.5 - 3
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
Argument for rescoring: The news article came out of the Colorado. Dr. Christine Nyquist, medical director of infection control at Children's
Hospital Colorado, said the hospital sent around 25 samples to the CDC from patients with respiratory illness. In my dream: “When I get to
her bedside she asks me, "Have you come to take me and the children home?" She thinks I am an angel! I look over her and there is a sea of
children of all different nationalities, all sick or injured. The children and this woman can see me, but no one else seems to notice me.” If you
(Under the new scoring system - dream score should be 4.5-3-3)
DREAM: David, your in trouble!
Validated Precognition #19
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: David, your in trouble!
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-10-02)
News Link (2014-10-02)
WHAT: 5 out of 5 -- DREAM: A woman walks up to me and says “David you’re in trouble”.
A woman hands me an envelope with computer chips and cash inside, along with some reports and memos.
NEWS: San Jose CIO Convicted in Insider Trading Case
A former chief information officer at a California-based technology company has been convicted in New York of insider trading charges in a scheme
authorities say produced $27 million in illegal profits. San Jose, California, resident David Riley was convicted of conspiracy to commit securities fraud
Subject is David Riley, Verb is Convicted (aka "In trouble")
Third descriptor is technology....NADW's dream is all about computer chips and cash
All three criteria are spot on, thus 5.0 for the WHAT.
stores at Santana Row
this dream sequence receives much more 4.0 (which is what the city level prediction gets), but does not qualify for the full 5 points because we need to
WHEN: 5 out of 5 -- DREAM: Before she can answer police are surrounding me in the parking garage and I am in hand cuffs. I end up in the back of a
large van, and on a TV screen is a Judge and I am going to jail, I am suddenly dressed in black and white strips and the judge says “Do not pass go, do
The dream happened on 10/2/2014 @ 7:34am
The news article in on 10/2/2014 @ 7:34PM
Exactly 12 hours after the dream the news article appears online.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5 - 4.5 - 5
- BEST SCORE YET! Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Bay Area Flasher
Validated Precognition #20
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: Bay Area Flasher
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-10-20)
Page 10
Precognative Identified
News Link (2014-10-10)
WHAT: 5 out of 5 -- Bay area flasher, Belmont flasher could be same suspect in Palo Alto cases
WHERE: 3 out of 5 -- Bay Area: Same state as Belmont (California)
WHEN: 5 out of 5 -- Dream: 10/10/2014 12:14am
News: Posted: 7:22 p.m. Friday, Oct. 10, 2014
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5 - 3 - 5
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
Validated Precognition #21
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: Retro-Virus
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-09-08)
News Link (2014-10-13)
WHAT: 4.5 out of 5 -- NEWS: Is Ebola the Same Alien “Retro-Virus” That Caused Bleeding in SED Teams At Roswell UFO Crash Site in July 1947?
Page 5, Majestic Twelve Project 1st Annual Report (1952) under Chairman, Vannevar Bush, Ph.D., and stamped TOP SECRET MAJIC in
DREAM: At one point, one of the people infected people insists upon doing an inspection of his room, the man is wearing a light blue shirt, like the
catholic school shirts. He can no longer walk on two legs; he is walking on all fours like an animal. They make very strange noised from their mouths as
name Retrovirus.
Subject = Retro-virus (exact match)
death. Both the news and dream had the retrovirus causing death.
3rd Descriptor: Gray skin / grey alien (unidentified metaphor, so subtract 0.5)
know if there is a connection here or not.
is verified.
Upon review of what I believed was the Garret Project, turns out in the building owned by news media corporation of: USA TODAY; Which
is listed as the Gannett Project. (Needs more research to see if USA TODAY ran the first story on the Retro-Virus. Location of building is in;
WHEN: 3 out of 5 -- DREAM: 09-08-2014
NEWS: 10-13-2014
Just over 1 month.
Metaphors or further clarification include:
believe it to be a metaphor for Gray Alien.) News: Alien
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 4.5 - 0 - 3
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Dead Girl Frozen in Time
Validated Precognition #22
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted:
Links for Documentation:
Dream Link (2014-09-30)
News Link (2014-10-16)
ONLY SEE THE SKY! I THINK I AM DEAD BUT I AM TOO AFRAID TO LEAVE MY BODY! I am standing in a river. The water is very cold. I
NEWS: The body of actress Misty Upham is believed to have been found along a river in suburban Seattle, police said Thursday.
in 2008's "Frozen River."
Admin Scoring: Person is Missing is a perfect match, but missing persons happen all the time. Thus we use the "missing persons" theme to match up the
dream with the headline, and then we must use another subject and verb for scoring. In this case, there is plenty else to use for scoring, such as the river.
Page 11
Precognative Identified
The dreamer has a clear metaphor for the name of the river: White River. Plus, we have another metaphor...the dreamer was "Frozen in time," and the
missing actress starred in "Frozen River." Yet another metaphor is apparent...the dreamer is "too afraid to leave my body," and the actress was
water sound is much louder… Am I hearing the sound of large white water rapids?
unfortunately, there are multiple White Rivers in the United States (Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Colorado, perhaps more). Therefore, the country is
WHEN: 3 out of 5 -- DREAM: 9/30/2014, NEWS: 10/16/2014 The news happens within 1 month of the dream. Thus, 3 points.
Metaphors or further clarification include:
too afraid to leave her body, which is why she was frozen in time.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 4.5 - 2 - 3
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: House of Horrors
Validated Precognition #23
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted:
Links for Documentation:
News Link (2014-09-09)
WHAT: 3 out of 5 -- DREAM: This is the house of horrors - They put woman in these haunted rooms, and the woman, become possessed by the
haunted spirit. One woman has locked herself into her room, and she is yelling through the door. I am going to kill my baby, she has a “Reborn Baby”
NEWS: A young Indiana mother was gagged with chloroform and held captive for two months, forced to wear a dog collar tethered to an "intricate
restraint system" and kept in a wooden cage built by one of her "sadist" captors, police said. The woman was repeatedly beaten and raped until a
to impregnate (the victim) because (Tooley) was old and unable to have children of her own."
with the military training are metaphoric as well.
2 – Correct COUNTRY…. exact country or sub-continent geographical area was correctly
WHEN: 4 out of 5 -- DREAM: 09/06/2014, NEWS: 09/09/2014, News occurred within 3 days of dream, 4 points.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 3 - 2 - 4
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
DREAM: Missing Woman returns home - Years Later
Validated Precognition #24 for NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
We verified this precognitive dream which predicted:
Links for Documentation:
News Link (2014-09-09)
"(Flash Forward 3 years later)"
News: After three years of searching, the remains of Holly Bobo have been found in Tennessee. Holly Bobo was a 20-year-old nursing student.
This connection is based on two main details that are exactly correct (for scoring purposes): 1) daughter goes missing and 2) found 3 years later. The
connection is metaphoric, however, because the dream character isn't dead like the news is. Thus, we start with the max points for the metaphoric
country, but wrong state, so 2 points.
WHEN: 4 out of 5 -- DREAM: 9/5/2014, NEWS: 9/9/2014, News comes out within a week, thus 4 points.
Metaphors or further clarification include:
Now she can be re-united with her family, she has missed them for so long.
This is a metaphor for the news about her body would be returning home.
Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 1.5 - 2 - 4
- Well done, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to
Argument for rescoring: The fact that Holly Bobo was a college student at the time of her disappearance and she was with the "Wrong Man"
are two additional identifiers to the most recent news which includes 5 people so far being charged with covering up the crime scene. I believe
Page 12
Precognative Identified
RE: NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
I put into the NDC data base. (I did not include dreams I added in the beginning that have already come true.)
Out of those 76 dreams, I have been able to verify either with news articles or personally (Which I know does not count here, so this is for personal use)
in total using the scoring system Chris has provided, I have been scoring my personal dreams which have come true as well. With a total score of 75.0
Chris is the formula you use for the percentage go like this:
76 dreams Divided by 116.90= .65%
Please Advise!
Special note here:
august dreams that I am watching for headlines, so this personal number may get bigger.
Tȟaté makȟámaniyaŋ wóihaŋble Súŋ
Wind Walking DreamWeaver
08-25-2014, 08:46 PM
Dreams vs. Headlines
Dreams and Headlines are two totally separate items. Once I develop headlines based off the dreams, I no longer keep track of dreams.
for on my prediction log, but you'll do your own accounting for your own dream).
personally keep track of my own headlines, and it's up to the dreamers to keep track of their dreams.
As far as percentages go, those are calculated by taking the amount of fulfilled headlines and dividing that number by the total number of headlines.
You can also find percentages of those hits having a certain score or better (e.g., only 3.0 and better, for example.) You'd only count the amount of
Then, you can get the average score for all your dreams by adding up all the scores and divide by the number of hits. For Proj Aug, I'll also be looking
at the average score for certain time periods and see if there are any trends for the correlation value compared to how long the dream takes to manifest (I
those look amazingly similar to the dream. This is not to say that I take personal credit for those predictions. Anyone can become a DreamForecaster!
RE: NativeAmericanDreamWeaver
Yes that does help, thank you.
Using the above formula for PA dreams above 3.0 = 71% (15/21)
Using the same formula for non- PA dreams above 3.0 = 68% (36/53)
When I combined all PA and None Pa dreams above 3.0 the total is 69.9% (51/74)
My Dreams Came True
10/26/2014 – 3/6/2016
Tracking - Dream Came True 10/26/2014-
posted Oct 26, 2014 by DreamWeaver
This section is for tracking what dreams or parts of dreams have come true.
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DreamWeaver said Oct 26, 2014
DREAM: 9/9/2014 - "My husband goes back to the counter and continues to talk to the
nurse/billing clerk. He comes back again and I am far off in thought about what I need to put in
order and how much time I think I have. He lets me know that the only treatment is the
Retrovirus, as dangerous as it is; it has to be injected directly into the cancer to stop the growth. I
woke up and bolted up because I remembered how the “Retrovirus changed people!"
NEWS: 10/25/2014 Breakthrough in Skin Cancer Treatment. An experimental drug called EBC-
46 made from the red berries of the rare Australian blush wood tree injected into animal cancer
cells of melanomas and head, neck and colon skin cancers rapidly destroyed tumors in more than
70% of cases.
NOTE: I woke up from the dream, and when I feel back asleep I was back in the same hospital
but it was for a different reason. Second Part of the dream spoke of cancer treatment being
injected into the cancer cells. although the injection was the dangerous retro-virus, I feel this is
still a partial hit and the news is good news, even though it is not an exact hit; this will just push
me to work harder at getting more details in the future.
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DreamWeaver said Oct 26, 2014
Fist of Steel
DREAM: 10/22/2014 I punch my way through the police line with my fist of steel and we make
our way down the street. there is a woman there bowing down to a statue that I recognize as a
countries leader but I don’t know what country, the statue looks bronze, I notice the young
woman has slit her wrists sideways from right to left and is begging for mercy from the statue, I
walk over to the woman and I pull out a knife and I slit her wrist length wise and tell her, you’re
doing it wrong! This man has no emotion for anyone that isn’t about his cause.
NEWS: 10/24/2014 Hatchet assault on New York police comes during fears of Islamist attacks.
Zale H. Thompson charged at four New York police officers with a metal hatchet Thursday,
hitting two of them. The attack is the third on people in uniform in North America in a week.
NOTES: The fist of Steel is a metaphor for the Steel Hatchet that was used to cut the police
I also identified this dream with the 10 commandments news listed below, but this dream also
fits other more recent news more accurately also it still is not an exact match for either of the
news articles.
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DreamWeaver said Oct 26, 2014
DREAM: 10/22/2014 "We make our way to a government building and outside of this building
are stone slabs with laws carved on them, I take my fist and I go down the line and I begin to
break them, someone is holding a microphone to my face and I am reading each one of the laws
and make a short speech about how we will not abide by these laws and I punch the stone and
break the inscription into small pieces of rock and powdery gray and white dust."
NEWS:10/26/2014 Though he told authorities that the devil made him do it, Satanists
disapproved, after a man allegedly shattered a stone copy of the Ten Commandments last week.
Story from CNN
NOTES: The 10 commandments are the laws of God.
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DreamWeaver said Oct 27, 2014
Hamburgler - McDonalds Prank
DREAM 10/12/2014 1:15am My husband trying to get me not be upset says he is going to pull a
prank on the McDonalds employees. He goes to the counter and places his order, he pays and
then he gets his hamburger in a bag and says something to one of the employees to indicate he is
the Hamburgler and he pretends to try to leave the McDonalds with the "Stolen" burger that he
paid for... Suddenly my husband is dressed up in black and white strips and the employee is in a
blue police uniform. we are all laughing and I am helping my husband make his get away. We
trip at the front door, and a real police officer is standing there, the employees are no longer
laughing it is only my husband and I, and I get the feeling the joke is on us. I am still laughing as
I tell the story to the real officer, and try to show him the receipt for the burger but he is not
amused. I woke up before anyone was really arrested.... but I still woke up laughing!
news: 10/22/2014 Europe’s food experts fooled by pranksters into confusing McDonald’s with
organic food.
Dutch pranksters have fooled food experts and consumers and proved that even foodies can’t tell
McDonald’s from real, organic food when offered some on a plate. The comments from misled
‘experts’ are hysterical.
NOTES: The two verbs identified are McDonalds Prank and Hysterical, I woke myself up by
laughing so hard! Added bonus the joke is on us!
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DreamWeaver said Oct 28, 2014
Let me start by saying the dream "METAPHORES" came true, but this one is a stretch even for
me, so don't be surprised by the low scores.
Custom Mattress Not delivered - bad deal
WHAT: 1.5
WHERE: 2.5
DREAM: 10/18/2014 9:22am walk me through the kitchen to a patio and through a fence with a
luau with tiki lamps included.
the woman with me tells a very large Hawaiian man that I would like to speak to the manager.
The Hawaiian man takes me back outside and a group of people are gathered together in seats in
a circle on the patio, the tiki lamps are lit and finally a Hawaiian shaman woman comes out. She
listens to my concerns; she doesn't tell me anything at this point I am VERY ANGRY! There are
two white young men who have been sent into the room with my daughter and I to listen to our
conversation. The young men after hearing my intentions left the room to go report what they
heard. I was so pissed off that I threw the coffee cup across the room; I began to destroy the
kitchen until two large Hawaiian men were sent in to stop me. I was physically fighting with the
two men when I woke up from the dream.
NEWS: 10/28/2014 With a mixture of resignation and dread, residents here are watching this
gray-and-orange advance, this 2,000-degree river of molten rock. Each passing hour, lava from
Kilauea Volcano is inching closer to their homes in Pahoa on Hawaii's Big Island. The dark ooze
has swallowed up fences, flowed over a cemetery and neared major roads. In some places in this
community of about 950 residents, it's chest high. "Crime is starting to pick up because a lot of
people abandoned their houses. Two of my brother-in-laws' houses got ripped off," said Matt
Purvis, owner of the Tin Shack Bakery, on Monday. Billy Kenoi, the Big Island mayor, said
residents must work together. "As it gets closer, the key is communication with the community,
keeping people informed and everybody continue to work around the clock really hard just to
minimize as much as possible the impact on the people of Pahoa," he told KHNL
Metaphor 1.: I VERY ANGRY; I throw my coffee across the room, I begin to physically fight
with two large Hawaiian men.
Metaphor 2.: The community has to work together - Two men had to work together to restrain
me and two other men where watching to see what I was going to do.
Metaphor 3.: Looting - in the dream I felt robbed.
For the what we start with a zero since the news does not match the dream, and no pre-identified
markers for metaphors were given. 1/2 point is added for the description of the anger (or being
hot) by throwing a hot cup of coffee and destroying the kitchen. 1/2 point for the community
having to work together to contain me and keep everyone else safe. 1/2 point for looting/feeling
robbed in the dream. Total = 1.5
Location: Established with the Tiki lamps, luau, and Hawaiian men. Although I did not indicate
Hawaii so this is still metaphoric in nature. Correct state is 3 minus 1/2 point for metaphor. 3 -
.05 = 2.5
When: the news started within a week but this news story does not start in main stream media
until 1.5 weeks later so I count is as within one month. = 3
NOTES: This had a spiritual note to it with the Shaman, and in Hawaiian mythology Pele is the
Goddess of Volcanos; her poetic name, Ka wahine 'ai honua, the woman who devours the land,
is both creator and destroyer. She throws molten fountains into the air, governs the great flows of
lava, and has been known to reveal herself through the island of Hawaii. Pele is a goddess of fire,
lightening, dance, volcanos and violence. (This pretty much describes the spiritual aspect of the
dream to me but is open for interpretation.)
DreamWeaver said Oct 28, 2014
Trading Security for unsecure location
WHERE: .05 for tunnel metaphor but zero for physical location.
DREAM: 10/11/2014 9:38am I am in a tunnel, there is an opening to another tunnel next the one
I am in. I am planning on making this my 'secure home location'. The tunnels remind me of the
old Train tunnels under New York City. I decide to walk down the tunnel to see how long it
is, I notice there is an explosion mark in the wall. I hear a disembodied voice from behind me say
'this is not secure'. I walk cautiously around the hole in the tunnel wall to the end of the tunnel,
where I find there is another garage styled roll up door, but it is broken and in the open position.
There is fear when I realize I cannot secure this new location. I run back down the tunnel to
where my car is and just after I reach my cat I notice he is standing up and his back is arched and
he is growling and hissing at something. There is a black cat but much larger like the size of a
bob cat and a shadow person coming down the tunnel from the unsecured side. I am
panicking not knowing what is going to happen to my cat when this other cat & Shadow
reaches us. I wake up in a pool of sweat.
NEWS: 10/21/2014 Bakerwooo line: Ghost child spotted on tube (aka tunnel)
Reports of strange figures with black eyes have now started to emerge from the London
The dark subterranean passages of London's underground rail network have seen their fair share
of ghost sightings over the years with stories of a strange girl with "coal-black pits for eye
sockets" dating back to the 1980s.
Recent reports of a similar entity on Cannock Chase however have brought forth a whole new
wave of sightings including one that occurred in London just two weeks ago.
According to the report, a man and his wife had been waiting for the train with their young child
when they heard what sounded like the giggling of a little girl from the darkness of a nearby
"A child, no taller than one meter in height appeared as if out of nowhere further up the track in
front of us," he said. "We stopped dead in our tracks after noticing her eyes had no color."
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DreamWeaver said Oct 28, 2014
Fear in the Dark Waters
WHERE: .05 for description: Cave filled with water, but no country was indicated.
DREAM: 10/11/2014 4:19pm I am standing in a dark cave, I feel a sense of dread come over me,
I don't know what is going to happen, and I am frozen with fear. I feel something coming but I
cannot see it, because it is pitching black. I feel the cold damp walls of this cave, yet I am all hot
and sweaty, my heart is racing. There is something in the dark and it is coming for me. It can see
me, but I cannot see it in the dark, I try to turn off the terror I am feeling. The cave is suddenly
filled with water and I still am not feeling anything, no panic, even though I can't breathe, and it
feels like I have a truck on my chest, I am not dying though, and I am not afraid. The fear is there
inside but it is pushed down so deep inside that it doesn't matter anymore. I am looking around in
the water, expecting to see a shark or some other monster in the water. I see body parts floating
by me, but there is no blood. I think to myself, these must be old dead bodies for there not to be
any blood. I wake up with the sweats again.
NEWS: 10/28/2014 Turkey mine: Accident traps workers underground.
At least 18 workers have been trapped underground after an accident at a coal mine in southern
Turkey, officials say.
An area of the pit in Ermenek, Karaman province, was flooded with water while miners
were working. The miners are said to be stuck 300m (980ft) underground. More than 20 miners
had been rescued, Karaman Governor Murat Koca said. A mine official told Turkish media the
trapped workers' chances of survival were slim unless they had managed to reach a safety
gallery. Sahin Uyar also said the rescuers had yet to make contact with the miners.
ADDITIONAL NEWS: Turkey’s Opposition Slams “Chaotic” Bid to Reach Trapped Miners
“There is no hope of finding the miners alive and it may even take weeks to locate where their
bodies are, because the bottom of the mine is buried under several meters of mud,” said Cihaner,
speaking from Ermenek, in Karaman province, where the mine is located.
If this is true and the miners are dead, this would explain why i saw old body parts in the water
but no blood, specially if it takes WEEKS to locate the bodies.
Bodies of two trapped miners in central Turkey recovered Fri 07 November 2014
Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yıldız has announced that the bodies of two of the 18 trapped
miners in a flooded mine in Central Anatolia have been recovered 10 days after the disaster.
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DreamWeaver said Oct 31, 2014
I can not take credit for this "My dream came true" because this dream was a NDC P1 Mission
dream so there will be no scoring here. The part of my dream that came true is USELESS! The
intention of the dream was Sickness, Labor, Useless!?!
10/5/2014 10:50am I am standing with my guide at the edge of a lake, beautiful and pristine in
this wilderness. Still is the water, not a single ripple. I can see the refelections of the snowcapped
mountain tops in the water, the large pine trees, and the clouds above. 'What you don't see is
what is below' my guide says to me. He instructs me to get down on my knees and put my face
into the water to see what is below. So I do this, and I notice as the scene begin to play out, I am
so focused on what my eyes are seeing that I do not notice what is being said around me, I hear
faint talking but don't quite understand where it is coming from. In the water this is the movie
like pictures that I see:
SICKNESS: There is a Sickness of the mind going around, there is also a sickness of the body
going around, when someone gets sick with both illnesses, it means their brains stop learning and
they become human vegetables, dumbing down the human race, these viruses are man-made, but
that fact will not come out for a long time. Until then it is a 'Conspiracy Theory'.
LABOR IS WRONG: One man who cannot seem to help, can't figure out what to do even when
he has been shown, he has several Pregnant Farm animals, one is a sow and is screaming in pain,
she is in trouble, this is not a good labor for her, her neck is contorting and all this man can do is
throw up his hands, he can't help the momma sow birth her babies. There is a cow, a cat, and
other animals; they all seem to be having the same problem! I don't understand what is making
the momma animals have these problems, is there another virus or something like it that is
effecting birthing too? Just as I finish asking my questions I realize my guide is talking to
someone else behind me, who is not looking into the water like I am, the only thing I am able to
pick up on is:
'USELESS' (my guide says) ' like the guy who bought a ticket into outer space but can't use
it now because he is dead.(Says the other voice) then a small amount of laughter.' I wake up
before I could pull my face from the water and before I could find out who my guide was talking
Virgin has sold more than 700 tickets, each costing more than $250,000, for future flights.
Several celebrities have already signed up, including Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher,
Leonardo DiCaprio and Stephen Hawking. This much is known, according to Witt and others:
One pilot is dead and another has been hospitalized with serious injuries.
The news that came true was the warning of the guy who bought the ticket but couldn't use it
because he was DEAD!
Other stars on the list include:
Brad & Angelina
Kate Winslet
Lance Bass
Also these folks:
Katy Perry
Bryan Singer
Tom Hanks
Scooter Braun
James Lovelock
Wally Funk
Sarah Brightman
Lady Gaga
Lets hope another person is not going to die before they get a new ship built!
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DreamWeaver said Nov 01, 2014
Thought technology - white coats
DREAM 9/18/2014 10:26am There are lab coat people all around me, I am trying to hide from
them, I run out of the building, and find myself in an uncomfortable situation, I am in chaos but
it is controlled chaos. I am frustrated and paranoid; I do not want anyone in my head. I keep
hearing a voice, like I normally do in my dreams but instead of it shouting the hidden
things at me, it is now calm and giving me instructions and how to handle the situations I
am in, and where to go. I am trying to get my children out of a house with bad people in it. I go
through several more scenarios like this, each one I am trying to get away or to save someone. I
must keep them out of my real mind, so I am creating scenes in my dreams that the white coats
will perceive as stress responses. I know what I am doing, I can control this. The one thing they
cannot take from me is my mind. It is the final battle ground.
8:25am I wake up, look at my new digital bedside clock next to my bed, then I fall right back to
am standing next to my Guide, he is smiling at me. I have a clip board in my hands, he says to
me, enjoy what you are seeing and feeling. He disappears. I am using technology, “thought
technology” that makes two people telepathically able to communicate, and “screen
technology” which allows me to see someone’s dream in pictures on a screen. I am now the
one wearing the white lab coat, even though I am not a doctor or a scientist. I am very happy,
and excited about this new technology and all of the possible ways I can use it to help someone.
I realize that I am both the dreamer (I get a feeling I once suffered from night terrors and I
designed this technology to help me overcome them by controlling the situations with guided
instructions using this technology) and the analyst trying to help others with their dreams and
Once I make this realization I am no longer the doctor but I am standing behind a “One way
mirror” that is hidden to look like the wall. The doctor in the white lab coat is mid 30’s shoulder
length light brown hair, no make-up yet very beautiful without it, she is fairly tall 5’8 and thin
around 120lbs, mixed white and Asian. I am in a room with a bunch of fat men in old time suits
with pocket watches; they remind me of train conductors. They represent money and power; like
monopoly players they own board walk and park place. “FAT CATS” Conclusion: In the space
between asleep and awake, I realize the first dream is now…. And the second part of the dream
due to the technology being used is the future. This will be the new way of dealing with night
terrors and it will be used for behavior modification, to teach us new languages and how to get
along with other people.
NEWS 11/1/2014 'Inner voices': US scientists spy on human minds with brain decoder
Keeping your thoughts strictly to yourself may soon prove infeasible, with scientists working on
a break-through, mind-reading device. The idea is to help people who are physically unable to
interact with the outside world.
In fact, it's all about hearing "inner voices" and correctly interpreting them with the help of
unique individual decoders, a researcher from the University of California, Berkley, explained.
Could we soon record our DREAMS? Headset uses brainwaves to give viewers snapshots of
their subconscious mind
If you have woken up from a vivid dream, only to forget what it was about, you might want a
dream recorder.
While such a consumer device may be years away, researchers have created a system that uses a
bio-sensor headset to edit moving images shown on a screen according to changes in an
individual's brain activity. The film that’s created is a visual record of a wearer’s subconscious
mind, giving them a glimpse into the dream world.
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DreamWeaver said Nov 05, 2014
The following dream was so graphic that i did not give details online, i only added it to the
dream base of the NDC because i thought it might be news worthy. Therefore i will not be
scoring this dream.
DREAM: sodomized 2014-10-24 I am one of four woman doing exotic dances in the mud, while
a man on a thrown watched. I was being forcefully sodomized by a woman.
NEWS: Ex Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck arrested, charged with rape
The woman who was once the oldest cheerleader in the NFL faces rape charges for alleged
sexual encounters with a teenager at a Delaware vacation home. Former Baltimore Ravens
cheerleader Molly Shattuck, 47, turned herself in to authorities on Wednesday and was arraigned
on charges of third-degree rape, unlawful sexual contact and providing alcohol to minors, police
said. Shattuck's alleged relationship with the 15-year-old boy "began in the area in which they
resided near Baltimore, Maryland, and culminated with Shattuck providing alcohol to minors and
engaging in a sexual relationship with the 15-year-old male at a vacation rental home in Bethany
Beach, Delaware, over Labor Day weekend," Delaware State Police said.
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DreamWeaver said Nov 10, 2014
DREAM: Troll/Sasquatch
WHERE: 2 (Could be 4.5 depending upon interpretation of facts, i will air on the side of
caution in scoring)
DREAM: 10/29/2014 10:02am Troll/Sasquatch I am in a high mountain region and I am a
young woman, the outfits on some of the boys in the area reminds me of old photos of the Swiss
alps, the others are very modern day clothing styles, mainly jeans and a plaid shirt with a white
undershirt. I have befriended an extremely large Sasquatch and I have been feeding him, but
soon the boarding school is closing and all of the food will be gone. I am talking with a young
boy who is by himself, and telling him I am friends with the local troll, but he has to have food
with him if he wants to meet the troll, because the troll likes to eat little boys. I am making this
up to scare him, although it is the local legend in this dream. The boys father walks up and
doesn't like me talking to his son, so I walk away. I am later scolded by the school principal and
told not to talk to the tourists kids because I am too old to be doing stuff like that, it comes off as
creepy and the school doesn't need that kind of publicity! Later on that same day I sneak out the
back door and back to where the boy is staying, I ask him to get me some meat while his father is
out hunting so we can visit my friend, that I call Henry because his name is too hard to say. I go
to the back of the buildings where there is a very tall ledge and a creek that runs below, I call out
Henry are you down there, Henry steps out and is looking up at me, and the boy runs up behind
me but he has no meat, when Henry sees the boy he starts turning into a raveningly hungry
Sasquatch and his eyes glow red. I tell the boy to run away quickly! After the boy has gone
Henry says "I'm sorry, I can not control myself with tasty little morsels such as he is"! I tell
Henry not to worry and I will look to see if there is any food before we are finished packing
everything up. I run back to the school and into the kitchen were a bunch of teenagers are
cleaning out the freezer, I look through everything but all I can find is a small 1/2 eaten bag of
beef jerky. I am afraid this will not stop the hunger of Henry when he sees the little boy. I woke
up thinking, so that is where the legend of trolls comes from!
NEWS: Published time: 10/29/2014 8:19pm Denmark 'pours $428k' into researching fictional
Denmark’s Council for Independent Research (DFF) will contribute some 2.5 million kroner
(US$428,000) into funding research on a fictional troll – an underground being which exists in
popular myth on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. The troll in question – Krølle Bølle –
is the national troll of the island. He has had fans since 1946, when his legend was devised by
writer Ludvig Mahler. However, a prior legend told of an underground being, upon which Bølle
might have been based. Lars Christian Kofoed Rømer, the researcher who has been granted the
funding, wants to explore the impact of the folk tale on the physical environment of the island.
He previously studied ghosts, focusing two years of work on them before moving onto trolls.
Nine PhD projects of the same cost will be funded. “It should not be a discussion about whether
the underground exists or not, but a story about how we are attached to a place,” Rømer told
Danish broadcasting service DrDk.
Krølle Bølle merchandise has been a favorite among tourists on the island, and its image is just
as prevalent among locals as the Little Mermaid is in Copenhagen. The island’s tourism website
calls Krølle Bølle the 'national troll of Bornholm.' He apparently comes out every night to take
part in exciting adventures. “It can be creatures – most people are familiar with Krølle Bølle, a
popularized version of natural being – and there can be special places in the nature that have
unique vibes,” Rømer said. The Local Denmark approached DFF's chairman of the board, Peter
Munk Christiansen, for comment but he did not speak about specific projects. However, he told
Politiken that DFF has a broad definition of what constitutes a useful study.
“At DFF we believe that humanistic research should be funded on equal footing with all other
research areas and we actually support that area more than we support societal research. We
profess a pluralism and broad coverage – we don't just pursue things that are the most popular
right now,” Christiansen said.
FACTS: Denmark–Sweden relations are foreign relations between Denmark and Sweden. Both
countries have a very long history together; both countries were part of the Kalmar Union
between 1397 and 1523. There have been 27 Dano-Swedish wars between 1521 and 1814.
Today, the countries are separated by the Øresund, which links the Baltic Sea and the North Sea.
Denmark has an embassy in Stockholm and 2 general consulates (in Göteborg and Malmö).
Sweden has an embassy in Copenhagen and 16 honorary consulates (in Aabenraa, Aarhus,
Aalborg, Esbjerg, Frederikshavn, Grenå, Helsingør, Holbæk, Kolding, Nuuk, Nykøbing Falster,
Odense, Rønne, Skagen, Tórshavn and Viborg). There exists an inherited cultural competition
between Sweden and Denmark. From 1448 to 1790 the two kingdoms were at war nearly at
every chance, in more than one case a new king trying to prove his worth by waging war on the
other country for little or no political reason. Both countries are full members of the Nordic
Council, of the Council of the Baltic Sea States, of the Council of Europe, and of the European
Union. Around 21,000 Swedish people live in Denmark and around 42,000 Danish people live in
Due to the close cultural and clothing style of both Sweden and Denmark, I believe the where is
a 5, although the news pertains to an Island in Denmark if you look at the topography of the
island you will see they are very different, but this news story pertains to the "Myth" of the troll
legends and how they effect the current society, which i believe upon research will show the troll
legends began in the Swiss Alps. These locations are approximately 14 hours apart travel
distance by car, and clearly on the same country but German territory has cut through the two
cultures locations. This to me is an indication of the correct "sub-continent/geographical area".
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My Dream Came True - 'Cold and callous'
murders of McStay family solved -DREAM
Losing a Lynchman/Monster
posted Nov 13, 2014 by DreamWeaver
WHAT: 5 (The MAIN Subject and Verb of the real life story are both exactly predicted by
the dream)
WHEN: 3 (Within one month)
WHERE: 3.5 (Minus 1 point for general statement of Southern California instead of San
WHAT: 10/25/2014 10:22am A wealthy man with a big ego, and cold heart. He is trying to
screw him over in a business deal. Cartel (Mexican Gangsters) "The Big House" and Jail are
apparent, so I believe a criminal will be going to Jail. The woman is in her kitchen and she is
raising up a glass with two male friends who are helping her move, and makes a toast to a new
life. The glass in her hand slips out and breaks all over the kitchen floor. She turns to run because
she has seen the lynch man standing at her back door behind her male friends. Her male friends
begin to turn around when they are knocked out cold.
Analysis of dreams on 10/25/2014 I mention: The police arrive and I am once again a fly on the
wall. watching again through the cameras to make sure everything goes as planned, because this
was planned, I set it up and put the players in motion like a chess game But before I can see what
happens in the end I am moved to another layer of my dream.
NEWS: 11/9/2014 'Cold and callous' murders of McStay family solved. Almost a year to the day
after an off-road motorcyclist found the remains of a California family who had vanished from
their home in 2010, authorities announced Friday they had arrested the man they believe is
responsible for the deaths. Charles "Chase" Merritt is charged with four counts of murder in the
deaths of Joseph and Summer McStay and their two small boys, San Bernardino County,
California, District Attorney Michael Ramos told reporters at a news conference. Police say they
believe the family died of "blunt force trauma" inside their home north of San Diego, but they
declined to discuss specifics of the deaths or a motive. Merritt, who was a business partner of
Joseph McStay's. Despite finding the family's SUV in San Ysidro, California -- where it had
been towed from the Mexican border -- and video surveillance that showed a family matching
the description of the McStays crossing the border, authorities had no clue what happened to
them until the discovery of their bodies on November 11, 2013. Authorities identified the
remains using dental records. At the time, San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon said
the killings appeared to be "extremely orchestrated" and carried out by more than one person.
But after reviewing 4,500 pages of investigative records, executing 60 search warrants and
conducting 200 interviews, investigators zeroed in on Merritt, concluding he had acted alone in
killing the family in their own home, San Bernardino authorities said. Fisher did, however, say
there was no evidence the family had traveled to Mexico after their disappearance, calling the
border video "unrelated" to the case.
WHEN: 10/25/2014 This felt like something current, but that has been in the works for quite
some time.
NEWS: 11/9/2014 vanished from their home in 2010, Almost a year to the day after an off-road
motorcyclist found the remains of a California family who had vanished, 11/7/2014 arrested the
man they believe is responsible for the deaths, Merritt, 57, was arrested Wednesday.
WHERE: I got the impression that this happened in the USA
Analysis of the dream: WHERE: USA; I got the impression that this happened in the USA, I
see a mental image of the house being in FL. or Southern CA. due to the style, and surrounds
close to the house. This house was in a suburb, it was slightly older maybe under 10 years old, or
recently remodeled, because some features of the house seemed to be dated.
NEWS: 11/9/2014 inside their home north of San Diego
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Horseback riding on Rocky Mountain
Freedom - Fair Trade - US & Canadian
Treaty signed for security against terrorism
posted Nov 19, 2014 by DreamWeaver
WHEN: 3 (24 days from dream)
DREAM: 10/27/2014 10:29am Layer 1 - Horseback riding on Rocky Mountain Freedom
I am on a farm and walking out to the mail box down a dirt road when I see a light beige colored
horse wondering around without an owner. The horse seems well groomed and well fed so I
can’t imagine it is homeless. I ask the horse “would you like for me to be your owner?” The
horse says, I must be free no one can stop me. Okay I said, I walk up to the horse and I reach
around the horses neck and I hug the horse. The horse tells me he likes that a lot; I tell him I love
hugs too. We have this sudden unspoken bond of love and respect. I get the visual that I have
done this with this horse many times before as practice so I know this horse! In each practice I
would put my arms around the horse and put reigns on the horse in this manner.
I reach into the back pocket of my jeans and pull out a bareback saddle. I put the bareback saddle
onto the horse and from a pocket on the saddle I pull out the reigns. I ask the horse “What is your
name?” I am Rocky Mountain Freedom! The horse replies! That is a great name! I said to Rocky,
and then asked do you want to go for a ride? YES I DO said Rocky, so I climb up on rocky and I
tell him, I will hold onto the reigns but since you are about FREEDOM I will let you lead us, and
decide where we are going to go!
Rocky set off gently walking down this one lane county mountain road that had a small ledge on
the inside of the road that had been cut away by rain water. As we are going downhill on this
road I realize I am sitting up way to high on this saddle which has no saddle horn so I try to push
myself backwards on the bareback saddle but gravity keeps pulling me forward. This part of the
ride is terribly uncomfortable until we reach a small plateau on the road and then I am able to
readjust myself.
I realize once I have re-adjusted that we are walking through an intersection, but I notice it looks
like an apartment or a waiting room. The ground is white and there is an ottoman in the middle
of the intersection with a child playing on the ottoman. I see my cat’s hairbrush off to the side
and I pick it up but it looks like a dog chewed on it, and the plastic bristles are going in all
directions! I don’t know why but I was thinking to myself, I don’t want to use this brush on my
own hair, it’s yucky!
EMOTION: Happy, Free, Love!
NOTES: Metaphors; Light Beige, was something soft or small.
WHERE: The horses name Rocky Mountain Freedom, the dream was all about freedom but I
believe the horses name was telling me the location the Rocky Mountains cover many states
from Canada through Idaho, and Colorado down to New Mexico, and cover 3000 miles which is
a lot of area to try to pin point an exact location!
WHAT: Saddles are not small, even Bareback saddles so the fact that I was able to pull it from
my back pocket and the reigns indicates something small or compact again. The bond was of
respect, so I believe this may pertain to a treaty of some kind, either between the US and Canada
due to the length of the rocky mountains or between Native American Indians as well as
Canadian Indians and the governments of Canada and America.
Bareback; is essentially to go without standard equipment, so the term brings to mind sex
without a condom, or riding a horse without a proper saddle, the dream feelings were good
feelings so there is a sense that those protections and equipment were not needed. There is trust
and respect, which felt mutual.
WHEN: The child in the waiting room at the intersection was the most disturbing part of the
dream; it clearly stood out to me, and got me off track. But if a child is in the waiting room and
at an intersection, this would indicate that this is the beginning stages of something or could go
either way.
POSSIBLE HEADLINE - Horseback riding on Rocky Mountain Freedom
posted 5 days ago by DreamWeaver - said Oct 27, 2014
Possible headline or news content from dream: Horseback riding on Rocky Mountain Freedom.
1. US & Canadian Treaty signed for security against terrorism.
2. Small success for Native American as the Treaty XXX is re-enacted for the Rocky Mountain
wilderness area.
3. US & Canadian Treaty renegotiate treaty for Fair Trade, but how will that effect Native
Americans in or near the Rocky Mountains?
4. Currently at a cross roads is the treaty xxx between US & Canada for Freedom xxx for Native
Americans in the Rocky Mountain Region.
NEWS: Posted Nov. 18, 2014, at 4:50 p.m. Canadian official tells Bangor group border security
is a priority in wake of recent attacks.
BANGOR, Maine— Security along the longest international border in the world continues to be
a high priority, but should be managed in a way that eliminates inefficiencies and duplication,
according to a Canadian official who visited Bangor on Tuesday.
Aaron Annable, the Boston-based acting consul general of Canada to New England, spoke to a
small luncheon gathering at Oriental Jade Restaurant in Bangor organized by the Bangor Foreign
Policy Forum. He also spoke to a group of University of Maine students on Tuesday,
primarily about the legacy of the North American Free Trade Agreement.
The border between the United States and Canada is more than 5,500 miles long, not
including the 1,500-mile Canadian-Alaskan border, yet politicians and the media in the
U.S. focus far less attention on the northern boundary than the southern one.
Still, the northern border is secure and not as “porous” as many assume, Annable said.
After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, security was tightened in both populated and
rural crossings and patrols were increased. Even isolated back roads between the countries
have sensors to warn of crossings in secluded areas.
Security at the border continues to be an important goal, as recent events have shown neither the
U.S. nor Canada is immune from attacks, Annable said. He cited the shootings on Parliament
Hill in Ottawa and the Boston Marathon bombing as examples. Just two days before the Ottawa
attack last month, a man who had expressed support for the Islamic State purposefully rammed
his vehicle into two Canadian soldiers in Quebec, killing one.
IS has become a big area of concern and has sparked worry about home-grown terrorism
conducted by sympathizers, Annable said. Canada has signed on to assist the U.S. and others
in a coalition to stem the tide of IS using air strikes and intelligence, rather than ground
“This seems to be something that sits well with most Canadians, that we should be a part of this
coalition,” Annable said.
In 2012, the U.S. and Canada signed an agreement titled “Beyond the Border: A Shared
Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness,” aimed, in part, at collaborating to
collect and share intelligence to identify potential threats before they ever reach border
checkpoints, while eliminating some of the red tape that makes cross-border and
international trade slow and costly.
“There’s been a lot of duplication in our security measures,” Annable said.
The agreement will continue to shape the future of border relations and security, he added.
10 car crash
posted Nov 20, 2014 by DreamWeaver
DREAM: Car crash
LAYER 1: I see a car crash in two ways, once from an Ariel view, the Ariel view has 10 plus
cars in the crash and a tree just off of the road, could be a two lane highway, we are going north
east, and the second time I am in the car, I do not know why the car is crashing in either dream. I
am not in the drivers seat no one is, and yet the car seems to have a mind of its own.
NEWS: Lanes of 680 reopened following 10 car crash
WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (BCN) - Interstate Highway 680 has fully reopened in Walnut Creek
Wednesday afternoon after a 10-car crash sent five people to hospitals and blocked northbound
lanes, a California Highway Patrol officer said. Northbound Highway 680 at Ygnacio Valley
Road was cleared around 4:05 p.m., CHP Officer John Fransen said. The crash happened around
3 p.m. on northbound Highway 680 at the Ygnacio Valley Road exit and involved 10 vehicles,
reportedly trapping one person inside, according to the CHP. Fransen said five people were
injured in the collision but he did not know the extent of their injuries. The crash shut down four
northbound lanes and snarled traffic in the area. Investigators do not believe that drugs or alcohol
played a role in the crash but said that wet roadways may have been a factor, according to
Fransen. "We ask that motorists exercise due caution, slow down a bit and make sure they have a
good space cushion between them and the person in front of them," he said
posted Nov 27, 2014 by DreamWeaver
DREAM: 11/13/2014 9:41PM AUTOPSY
I have [am] standing in the coroner's office and i am watching an Autopsy of a white male, mid
30's. The coroner already has the man's chest and stomach cut open. I have never seen a dead
body quite in this way, the organs do not quite have that pink rare meat look, instead they look
very gray and some of them are black, i believe the man may have been a smoker because his
lungs looked down right shriveled and awful. This did not stop me from wanting to poke at it, i
was curious to see if the body parts were soft or hard. I don't know why I started to put on the
right lung but I did. The Coroner looks at me from behind his mask with a blank stare. Sorry I
said and kept my hands to myself.
The coroner beings to talk out loud about what he is seeing inside of the corps, and there is a
bullet wound in the mans back that is now lodged in his Spleen, in which he states the spleen has
clear signs of Slpenomegaly (I had to look this up, it means swollen. He remarks that the bullet
entered through the back and he confirms that the bullet hit the rib cage and dissulto (This it
turns out is Latin for bounced! Why couldn't he have just said bounced?)
I became bored with the Autopsy since I couldn't touch things to learn, and the room was getting
too damn cold for my blood. I began to look at all of the instruments the coroner had on a small
table to his left, he had a narly looking saw and a smaller saw, and I thought to myself... Oh that
would be fun to use! I began to ask him questions, which for me I was very curious but for him,
showed him I had no Idea what I was doing in this room. He became frustrated and told me.
"PAY ATTENTION" I felt like a child with ADHD All of a sudden and I was being scolded by
the teacher. At this point I just wanted out of the room, this wasn't fun anymore, and my mind set
was that of a child playing. Sigh
NEWS: Thu November 27, 2014 Is 'professor' who helped with Michael Brown autopsy who he
says he is?
The last thing an attorney might expect to receive at a deposition is a brain, but that's what the
man said he was handing over. A brain. In a bucket. Sliding the bucket across the table and
opening the lid, the man urged the lawyer, Michael Hodges, to take it. Hodges declined. The
deposition continued. This might have gone down as just on odd moment in Kansas legal history
were it not for the fact that about a year later the defendant, Shawn Parcells, ended up playing an
instrumental role in the case of Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by a Ferguson, Missouri,
police officer in August.
How many times was Michael Brown shot? Private autopsy not conclusive Parcells became an
overnight media star in August when he assisted in an autopsy commissioned by Brown's family.
He appeared time and again on major media outlets as a forensic pathology expert. He said over
the years he's testified in court dozens of times in several states.
But an investigation by CNN that included interviews with attorneys, law enforcement and
physicians suggests Parcells isn't the expert he seems to be. And handing a lawyer a brain in a
bucket isn't the only unusual thing he's done.
No signature -- and a suspect set free In 2012, Parcells Regional Forensic Services was hired by
Andrew County, Missouri, to do an autopsy on Robert Forrester, 74, who doctors said died of a
brain bleed. Police suspected manslaughter.
Two days before Forrester's death, he told officers that his grandson Bobby Forrester, 23, had hit
him in the face and "knocked me the f*** out." Parcells told CNN he performed the autopsy on
Forrester without a doctor present.
On the first page of the autopsy report, it states that "this final autopsy report has been reviewed
and signed by:" and then underneath there are lines for signatures for Edward R. Friedlander,
M.D., a pathologist, and for Parcells.
According to the sheriff's incident report, the county coroner "advised he was contacted by a
doctor who advised he did not see this autopsy or sign the report as it was showing he did."
Friedlander declined to discuss the case with CNN.
Parcells said he listed Friedlander by mistake on the first page of the report, and the autopsy
report was actually done by Dr. George Vandermark, whose name appears on the next page --
but Vandermark tells CNN he had nothing to do with Forrester's autopsy. The report was never
signed. According to the county, without a valid autopsy report signed by a doctor, a cause of
death can't be officially determined and no one can be prosecuted. Police took Bobby Forrester,
who has a history of psychiatric illness, to a hospital for a four-day mental health evaluation.
After testing, Bobby Forrester was released from the hospital. Nine months later, Forrester
assaulted his grandmother, who was found lying on the floor bleeding with two swollen black
eyes. He's now serving a four-year sentence for assault. Parcells insists that the Robert Forrester
death investigation was "doomed from the start" because the dead man's body was embalmed
prior to the autopsy, and because the sheriff's department never turned over records needed for
the autopsy report to be completed. The sheriff's office says Parcells never asked for such
records. Who is Shawn Parcells?
Parcells, a Kansas native, says he became interested in death at age 12 when his grandfather
passed away.
"I actually started doing autopsies my junior year in high school," he said. "I've been doing this a
long time. I love it." Right after high school, renowned pathologist Michael Baden made a visit
to Kansas. Parcells snapped a photo with him. By college, Parcells said, he was teaching firstyear
residents how to do autopsies. The campus newspaper, The Kansas State Collegian,
wrote an article about him in 1999 headlined "Morbid Curiosity." He received a bachelor's
degree in life sciences from Kansas State in 2003, and he said he was immediately accepted to
medical school in the Caribbean, but his wife got pregnant and he wanted her to receive her care
in the United States, so he didn't attend.
Earlier this year, Parcells' LinkedIn page said he expected to start medical school at the
International University of the Health Sciences in the Caribbean starting in September 2014.
Later, the date was changed to 2015.
When CNN visited Parcells in his Overland Park, Kansas, home, he presented a photo of himself
onstage at what appears to be a graduation ceremony at the New York Chiropractic College. "I
got a master's degree in anatomy and physiology, with clinical correlation," he said. Asked where
his diploma was, he replied that it was on the way. "It's coming," he said. "They mail it to you."
The next day, at another on-camera interview, the conversation went like this:
CNN: So that master's degree in New York, you have that degree?
Parcells: I will have it next month, yes.
CNN: I don't mean the piece of paper. I mean have you been conferred that degree?
Parcells: Yes, I will. Next month.
CNN: Right now, as we speak, you have that degree?
Parcells: No, I do not.
Parcells doesn't claim to have any specific license or certification to do the work he does.
He knows how to do autopsies from "on-the-job training," watching pathologists and
assisting them at various morgues, he said. Sometimes he's been paid for this work and
sometimes he wasn't, he added. "To take out organs and to cut open a body, you don't need to be
a pathologist," he said. "Come to an autopsy. I think when you see what I do, you'll realize
that I'm not just making this stuff up out of blue, thin air." He certainly sounded
knowledgeable and authoritative on August 18 when he presented the findings of the
Michael Brown autopsy to a nationally televised news conference. Baden, who conducted the
autopsy, spoke first, and then introduced Parcells, saying he "has been instrumental in the
autopsy evaluation." "First of all, I'm Professor Shawn Parcells," Parcells said as he stood to
address the reporters. On his LinkedIn page and to CNN, Parcells said he's an adjunct
professor at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas -- but a spokeswoman for the
university told CNN that's not true. "(Parcells) is not now and has never been a member of
the Washburn University faculty," university spokeswoman Michaela Saunders wrote in
an email to CNN, adding that at one point, Parcells spoke without receiving pay to two
groups of nursing students about the role of a pathologist's assistant and gave a
PowerPoint presentation and answered students' questions. 'If they want to think I'm a
doctor, that's their issue' Parcells says he sometimes performs autopsy procedures without
a physician present, and that's legal as long as he's under a doctor's supervision and the
doctor signs off on the report. "I'm not coming up with the cause of death, and I'm not
making the final diagnosis," he said. At the same time that Parcells was doing autopsy
procedures without a doctor, his company was distributing a letter saying he never did
that. A March 5, 2012, letter addressed "To Whom It May Concern" outlines "myths" and
"facts" about his company's practices. "MYTH: Our pathologists are never or seldom
present during an autopsy examination. "FACT: During each and every forensic autopsy
conducted, the attending pathologist is present at all times ... WE ALWAYS HAVE THE
Parcells told CNN that even though it's on his company's letterhead, a physician he worked
with, and not him, wrote the letter, which is unsigned.
Laws in Missouri and Kansas aren't completely clear on whether it's legal for someone who's not
a doctor to perform an autopsy procedure without a doctor present, but one thing is clear: Some
coroners and law enforcement agencies aren't happy about what Parcells is doing. Grant Gillett, a
deputy sheriff in Andrew County, Missouri, said Parcells told them he was a doctor -- a
pathologist specifically -- when he walked into the funeral home to do the Forrester autopsy.
Dustin Jeffers, who was also a deputy at the time, said Parcells identified himself as a doctor.
The Andrew County Sheriff's Office incident report refers to him as "Pathologist Shawn
Parcells" and "Dr. Shawn Parcells Pathologist."
Parcells says he never told the deputies he was a doctor. "If they want to think I'm a doctor, that's
their issue," Parcells told CNN. "People assume stuff all the time. And they may never ask. It's
bad that they're assuming and that they never asked. If they want to think I'm a physician, then
more power to them."
Officials in another county in Missouri filed a complaint with the Missouri Board of Registration
for the Healing Arts when they found out Parcells "conducted (an) autopsy with no pathologist
present." The board reviewed the complaint about the 2011 autopsy and voted to close the case.
Pathologists interviewed by CNN say they're concerned that a man who has no formal education
in pathology is giving testimony in court that could possibly help put innocent people in jail or
let guilty people go free. "I would certainly say questions should be raised about any case in
which he has a part," said Mary Case, the chief medical examiner for St. Louis County. As for
the case where an attorney was handed a brain in a bucket, a Kansas widow who wanted to know
the cause of her husband's dementia sued Parcells after he told her he would remove her
husband's brain from his body and send it to Harvard Medical School for analysis. The widow,
JudyWalker, said she paid Parcells $1,250 in 2011 but never received a report from Harvard.
Her lawyer, Michael Hodges, said about three years later -- after the lawsuit was filed -- she
received a report from a doctor in New York. Hodges said he's not sure if the brain in the bucket
belongs to Walker's late husband, Michael Doris, or if it's even a brain at all. "Plaintiff now
believes that her husband's brain has been lost or destroyed," according to the complaint. Parcells
says that's why he brought Walker's late husband's brain to the deposition. And if she ever wants
it, he says, it's in his lab in Topeka, safe and secure.
posted Dec 01, 2014 by DreamWeaver
Dream: 11/15/2014 9:12am Concorde - I am a watcher in this dream with no human form, I see
a very powerful man, he has a connection to Brown University but i don't know what it is. I don't
see his full body just from the belly button down, he is wearing beige slacks, when he gets on the
plane but later, when he is getting off of the plane the slacks are the same brown color as the
UPS drivers. He is traveling from a southern area to a northern area on the east coast. He is
carrying a black brief case, with a chain, like the security kind on it. I am seeing every detail
from the people sitting next to him on the plane, the banner signs before boarding the plane, the
flight attendants, to the luggage being loaded outside of the window of the plane. This is a
standard Continental or American Airlines type of plane nothing fancy, so it is not a
"Concorde" plane, yet i head someone yell out behind me, "Concorde pay attention" I am
getting very frustrated but choice to ignore it at this time and keep in mind Concorde. I
Notice my dream guide is no where to be seen, so i look around as i am getting off of the plane
to see if i can see him because i do not feel him. There is a woman standing behind me and she is
staring straight at me, no one else can see me, I ask her who she is and what she wants from me.
She says she is already gone, but is here to deliver a very important message and tells me
"Now this time pay attention, this is important". I turn back around and i follow the man in
the now Brown slacks, i notice as he walks his shoes are a dark brown and and look like dress
shoes, they don't fit his slacks or shirt. Something about this man is out of place and i don't
believe it is because he doesn't know how to properly dress himself.
NEW: December 1, 2014 - Concorde Comeback? Two New Jets Plan to Take Air Passengers
Supersonic Again
Lockheed Martin and NASA’s N+2 jet could cut cross-country flight times in half. New York to
Los Angeles in just over two hours? Passenger jets that fly faster than the speed of sound without
that annoying sonic boom? That could become reality thanks to two projects that aim to bring
supersonic planes back to commercial air travel. Lockheed Martin is working with NASA on a
design called the N+2, an 80-passenger jet capable of cruising at Mach 1.7 (1.7 times the speed
of sound). But what about that loud sonic boom you get when an airplane exceeds the sound
barrier? Lockheed Martin and NASA are working hard to lower the boom, so to speak. They say
their proposed new jet will be 100 times quieter than the Concorde, the supersonic passenger jets
that flew transatlantic routes from 1969 until they were grounded in 2003.
Concorde may have been retired but a British Airways passenger jet approached supersonic
speed this week as it rode a surging jet stream from New York to London. 1/10/2015
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WildWest Land Grab, and Fair Candy trade
posted Dec 19, 2014 by DreamWeaver
Possible Headline - Wild West Land Grab, and Fair Candy trade.
posted Nov 13, 2014
3. Stay Alert for tainted Candy Apples.
DREAM: 10/25/2014 10:22am Layer 2: Wild West Land Grab, and Fair Candy trade
I am a white woman on horse back and I am surrounded by men on foot, I am dressed in 1800
period clothes with tan leather chaps over my dress, and I am riding across the landscape like
Nickola Kidman in a movie "far and away" my clothing and the scene keeps morphing back and
forth between the old west style and a modern style on me and all of the people around me.
We are now in an old warehouse and a bunch of people from the land grab have coupled up, we
are all young in our twenties and thirty's physically but we are acting like children and teenagers.
I am more interested in the details of my cereal box prizes from my Franken Berry to notice, that
there are now couples.
I create an awkwardness between one of the couples because I am talking to one of the guys, his
new girlfriend thinks we are flirting, and the people all around me are talking about the drama in
the new relationships. I am still oblivious to these facts, or really don't care. I am like an autistic
child with my Cards and toys. (Pre-Occupied and Obsessive are the words that comes to mind.)
The warehouse is mostly empty, except for a few "couch style" comfortable chairs and a few
hard plastic chairs. I was laying down on a three seat couch located just inside the main door of
the warehouse and I was checking out all of my new goodies. I decide to take my cereal box
prizes to another girl on the far wall to trade with the girl for some candy.
When I look up to stand up I notice the shape of this building reminds me of the house from the
previous dream but this is an actual vaulted ceiling warehouse and not a home. (There is
something about the shape of this building that really stands out to me because it isn't a normal
square.) It has a starburst shape to one area of the building to the Northwest (Which is where the
kitchen would have been in the previous dream) The floors are all cement and hard so no one is
sitting on the floor.
I sit down in a hard plastic chair and I am negotiating with this girl for some candy! Wooo Hooo
I feel like a little kid at Halloween time! I now have a lap full of candy and one card left. There is
a young man who come up to the left side of me and he reaches into my lap and grabs a handful
of my candy and leaves a single red apple, I don't want this as a trade. I SMACK HIS HAND
and make him put everything back. I tell him "I did not approve that trade and you can not come
and steal from me you jerk! I woke from the dream due to the quick movements at the end. I
think I jerked myself awake.
Emotions: Happy and Free in the beginning, and upset, angry and frustrated at the end about the
fair trade.
The woman in this dream I believe dresses up as a cowgirl for Halloween, gets into a fight with a
couple, and then is robbed. This feels like a potential small headline for the coming weeks with
Halloween just around the corner. The land grab at the beginning of this dream I believe this may
indicate a home invasion on Halloween night or after a Halloween party.
Message: "Stay alert" I was oblivious to the people around me which lead me into a situation of
drama, and that is what lead to the attempted robbery, we need to stay alert this Halloween.
Notes: This dream is riddled with metaphors and duel meanings for things such as;
The term "Candy Trade" stood out to me in this dream, and could indicate something to do with
"Fair Candy Trade" that is kind of like the "Fair Trade coffee" there is an awareness that needs to
be put onto the Candy Trade, because of the raw deal I was getting with a single apple. The
balance on the scale of trade was really far off. Although Candy Apples are also something that
is seasonal around this time of year, so I will also watch for headlines concerning "Candy
Apples" & "Fair Trade". When: Time frame around Halloween due to the Franken Berries cereal,
and the Starbursts and the candy.
3rd dream down from the top.
NEWS: 12/19/2014 Caramel apples linked to fatal listeria outbreak
A sweet treat has turned potentially deadly for dozens of people in multiple states.
At least four people have died -- in a fifth case tests are pending -- after eating caramel apples
that may have been infected with Listeria monocytogenes.
Some 28 people have become infected with the deadly bacterium in 10 different states according
to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Of the people who have gotten sick, nine were pregnant. Pregnant women are 10 times more
likely to get listeriosis after eating infected food.
Of the rest of the cases, three were children who were otherwise healthy, the CDC said.
Symptoms of listeriosis infection include muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of
balance, fever, and convulsions. Typically, symptoms begin three to 70 days after eating the
tainted food.
To date 15 of the 18 people who were interviewed about their illnesses remembered eating
commercially produced, prepackaged caramel apples before they got sick.
Most of the people who got sick with this outbreak saw the doctor in late October

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