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Zero Stars intent 7-22-16 AM
In the morning before falling back asleep, I put in an intent to dream about understanding the meaning of Zero Stars.

I was driving through a freeway pass near the Hollywood Hills, on my way to visit my parents and extended family. I flew into town to work a weekend at Camp Hollywoodland ( a real camp I worked at in my teens and 20's). It is located in the Griffith Park area, under the Hollywood sign.
It was turning dusk and I was concerned about arriving on time, but I was traveling away from the camp, not toward it. I am then at my mother's house and with my niece. She is scheduled to attend the camp with me as a camper. I am trying to make contact with the camp to find out when I need to arrive to work. I keep hitting stumbling block after stumbling block. I can't find the number, the line disconnects, there is no answer, no matter what I try, it doesn't work. Time is running short and I know that the program has already started. Finally, I get someone on the line but they are from a sister camp, not the one I want. I wonder if the camp is being help instead at this other location when I wake up.


There was some day residue from this dream as I thought of my niece and the camp during the day yesterday. I thought I wouldn't post it, but decided to because Hollywood was a big part of the dream. It is possible that either the dream was saying there was no connection to Hollywood since I could not connect to Camp Hollywoodland. The other sister camp location in the dream is also in Griffith Park in real life, but closer to the LA Zoo and observatory. Of note, Camp Hollywoodland has been used for filming locations and just a short walk from the camp are the original batman caves from the tv. show. The caves have been the backdrop to many tv shows and movies.

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