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7/27/16 Clinton's Spending Conspiracy Exposed
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OH YEAH! It’s about time the Clinton Foundation gets exposed. Is that what the bot is talking about? The word Nephew probably brings in Tyler Cassidy Clinton, a relatively young globalist as far as I can tell. At any rate, one of the many Clinton conspiracies gets exposed and placed on a billboard. Looking forward to this headline.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

This election is going to show up in the bot run a lot I think.
I wonder if with the spending conspiracy wording that we are chasing events coming up very shortly considering all the scandal that been uncovered about Clinton in just the past couple weeks alone, with more being revealed it seems daily! It makes me wonder if they will be successful in finding a way to assassinate Trump (character that sticks or actual person) to put Clinton into power, because they certainly are trying.
Cat experiment works makes
me think of Schrodinger's cat. What part of the thought experiment works?
this part makes me think about us reading the bot (making pictures out of the clouds)
And this makes me wonder if on some level we aren't making some of this solidify into reality. Because in the experiment the cat is actually alive AND dead, in a state of superposition. That is, until someone opens the box and reality settles into place.....

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