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8/3/16 The Yahoo Guest
Trending: guest yahoo willingly fishing woods terrible mail outskirts meaning differently aunt simultaneously transported frogs survived bike hesitant confidence highlight million design mention awful line event comments dimension ways poking bring
Waning: competition down around forum add one message private categories back profile were room entries there lucid dream up view class

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
We’re experiencing a HUGE spike in dream words. Notice that our “Caution” label (which normally identifies the words that have surge scores of over 30) has to be placed below all the upper words. The words in our run are varied in scope, although nature is indicated with Fishing, Woods, Frogs, etc.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Although FISHING in this case so close to YAHOO could mean something internet related to do with a scam. (Phishing)
Awful line event comments- I am thinking line for a concert/movie or track and field  and swimming which have lanes.  Olympics? Is there going to be difficulty with those who will be covering the Olympics in the media at those stadiums. Perhaps they can't see it well or the public can't view the events well.
competition down around forum- more Olympics?
fishing woods terrible mail outskirts

Makes me think of the Unabomber. Maybe someone is working on another anthrax style attack?

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