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8/6/2016 6:42am Turban Ninja Robot Army Synced Terror Attack
I am standing on the Eiffel tower in Paris, I am frozen with the sight of the turban ninja robot army. I look around and no one seems to know what is happening, I see couples hugging each other, fearful that this is another attack.

Suddenly a line of the turban ninja robot soldiers comes towards me, they stop just a few feet away then they begin to climb the underside of the tower. I get mental picture flash of this happening also on the Golden Gate Bridge, and on other structures around the world. This feels like an invasion. (I have on my voice recorder the words - "Scary invasion" I do not remember turning it on, but clearly it is my voice saying it.)

There is a man who comes running up to me, he is dressed like the turban ninja robots but he is not one of them. He takes a small wooden box out of my purse, the box has a rose carved in to the top of it. He turns the lid in an odd way and i expected to see it break, instead it lights up with a blue light and starts making a hissing noise.

He sets it down on the ground and he runs away from the tower, i am running right behind him because he doesn't look like a man trying to commit suicide, but instead fight the turban ninja robot army. I assume he is running to a safe place.

Suddenly an explosion goes off, and the blue light turns into a white light. I do not know how, but i believe the rose box is some kind of detonation devise, and it made all of the turban ninja robot army guys go nuclear.

NOTES: This felt like a movie, especially with the scene flashes and i could see this happening all around the world. The overall feeling of the dream is that these were robots, and other people were using them to cause terror. I got the mental impression that the symbolism in the dream was a mimic of real life. Groups like ISIS use humans (robots) who have been programed to believe that it suicide bombs are not only okay, but a good thing.

The term turban ninja robot army is very accurate for the real thing. A group of people programed to be an army of secretive or ninja like warriors. The turbans represent the region that the group of people came from, like a uniform on a soldier.
Ok, I know this isn't a funny dream, really I do, however...Turban Ninja Robots? It sounds like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Big Grin Big Grin
Felt more like Irobot but dressed up to look like men from the middle east, with moves like ninjas.

[Image: i-robot.jpg]
ok, now with your visual here, it doesn't look funny at all. But the name...

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