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Kiss Misconstrued within Political Team
I was looking for a job and, wearing my power navy skirted suit with white blouse, went to the large bank downtown on a whim. Sunny beautiful day, no need for a coat and not hot, just very pleasant weather. When I introduced myself to HR, they were thrilled to see me and seemed to know who I was, and quickly arranged an interview for me with the CEO. Rather than interviewing me, he was selling me on the job.

I started the job immediately, and very quickly, same day perhaps, I was asked to lead the technology team for the independent presidential candidate running against Hillary and Donald. I was not politically inclined, but was an honest ethical and talented leader and I was happy to serve. I made it clear to the candidate that I was not aligned with any of the political parties including his, and he was not concerned about that. I was introduced to the staff and was pleasantly surprised to find many talented men I had recruited many years ago to a different company to now be on the team as well. There were hugs and handshakes and even a few kisses as we greeted each other. To me the kisses were not sexual in nature, just a happy greeting. I realized that disturbed some, but I did not give it a second thought.
Iris, you said you didn't give the kisses a second thought, but it's the title of your dream and obviously played an important part. So what else could they have meant? Kisses can be used as betrayals, although it doesn't seem like that here.
Greeting each other with kisses is often a cultural trait. Latin America, parts of Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Southern/central Europe all will kiss in greeting to familiar people.
Yes, the kiss to me was just a happy greeting. But I could tell people were disturbed by it. The dream concluded with me realizing others were concerned, but I just blew it off thinking I don't care, I didn't mean anything by it, I'm just very happy. When I woke up, my thought was that the kiss was misconstrued and would raise issues for the golden girl I was in the dream.

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