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8/7/2016 8:34am 1of2 Serial Killer
I am standing on a property next to my house, something has happened to cause one of the houses to be ripped from its foundation. There are no clouds in the sky, it is a bright sunny day.

I am able to walk through the yard of this property to my property when i see a man doing something suspicious to my garbage can, on the side of my house behind the iron fence. (It honestly looks like he is masturbating, so i thought he was a pervert at first glance)

I keep watching him, he sees me and starts to hurry up what he is doing. HEY, i yell at him, and he runs off of my property and jumps into a car which is parked on the street blocking my drive way.

I jump down from the property beside mine into my yard to find my dog (Pit Bull) out side of the house, (I do not own a dog in waking life) my dog is acting really friendly like she is about to get fed. I go over to the black outdoor garbage can and i open the lid, inside i see a horse leg to the knee.

Instantly i thought to myself, this is how he got past my dog, he used horse meet. OMG how disturbing!

The man through his car window says "Those shoes belonged to my wife". I looked again inside of the garbage can, and it looked like it was half filled with a clear liquid, my next thought is that this man is trying to decompose bodies in my garbage can!

Just past the horse leg are two shoes, one white and one black, both are lacy and have heels on them, they remind me of the old shoes worn in Jack the Ripper days, but both of these shoes are for the same feet, and both have severed feet inside of them.

[Image: 74b52ad521face5a703bec55e520ed6d.jpg]

[Image: b9721026e5a886eb5f9476e64c2c5ea9.jpg]

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