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Dead Trees
(In my Dream, I am over my parents house both in their late 80'sSmile

I'm was in my parent's kitchen cooking them some food, and I had on a red apron. I heard a loud thunderous crash. I ran to the front of the house to see the neighbor next door had pulled out a humongous tree with his truck and chains. When the tree fell it was so massive; it covered a good portion of my parents front hillside. I was kind-of-mad as he was tearing up my parents front yawn by pulling the tree. My father sensing my anger, stepped in and defused the situation. He told the neighbor that he be happy to help him cut the tree up. He spoke him in his typical broken English. He told that he was retired that he has all day to work on it, and when he gets tired he'll go in the house and rest. Everyone seem ok with his offer, the neighbor thanked him. As I looked around all the other neighbors were watching intently at the scene. Everyone felt relief at the outcome, and they started to crack jokes at my red apron. I also felt relief, and rolled with the punches....

The scene switched to the porches of the house. As I came out of the house or tried to navigate into the house from the two porches, I almost fell off a 200' to 300' cliff. The porches were uneven an slippery, the only thing that saved me were two trees on either side of the house. One dead and the other one partially dead. I grasped onto them and pulled myself to safety, or I would surely would have plummeted to my death....

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