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8/8/2016 6:42am 1of2 Leaving hell to get to paradise
The land is an Island I believe, because there is volcanic rock, barren land before you get to the ocean. The land is my land, I am a mid 40's male, tall and I am walking around and yelling at the construction crew but no one is paying attention to me. I am getting very angry, yet feel very helpless as this big construction company completely destroys my land.

I am now in the body of the mans sister, I am tiny, dark brown hair in my late 20s. I keep hearing someone say to me, "PLEASE LEAVE ME A SHOVEL AND A HAMMER BEFORE YOU LEAVE". Knowing the property my brother and I grew up on is under construction I decide to head down there and pay him a visit.

I am walking, do not have a car, and it is a long way to walk. I have to walk through a very bad part of town to get to our land, and this wasn't always the case. When I get to the land, I see it has been stripped of all of her natural resources, and the Hotel and shopping area's that were suppose to bring in so much revenue and build jobs stopped a long time ago.

They never got past the first level on the hotel. It is a bare cement structure with rebarb sticking out.

I keep asking around, who is the foreman on this job site, who is in charge?

I keep getting pointed around in circles, until finally after 15 try's i find the foreman, he informs me that my brother is dead so the crew will be leaving the site very soon. He is calling a staff meeting. I am standing down in the creek (This is more like a liquid garbage dump, and it stinks badly) because i am a woman no one even wants me on the job site to hear the foreman's announcement.

The foreman tells the crew that the job ran out of money and that the property owner abandoned the land, so the job site was ending. This is not the same thing he told me, and i am now thinking fowl play. I step out of the creek and some how find my voice and i speak up and say "PLEASE LEAVE ME A SHOVEL AND A HAMMER BEFORE YOU LEAVE".

The foreman is visibly shaken by me saying this. Then i yell out, "My brother did not abandon this property, you killed him, stole all of his tools from the shed, and lied to everyone here. I am going to sue you."

Men from the crews started leaving faster then water being found in a mad max movie.

At the end I felt so torn, so upset, like i was leaving this hell to get to paradise. I was walking over the volcanic rocks and the dried sparse yellow grasses to get to the ocean. This for me was heaven. I knew my brother was in paradise and in my sadness, i just wanted to join him, i was ready. As I am standing on the cliffs looking out at the ocean, i hear my brother again say: "PLEASE LEAVE ME A SHOVEL AND A HAMMER BEFORE YOU LEAVE".

I know in that moment I have to stay in hell, i have to fight these men, and i have to try to salvage what i can, and put this land back to something beautiful.

This photo perfectly matches the land, especially the bright yellows. The photo is of a Norwegian cabin.
[Image: 35252358-Rocky-coast-covered-with-vegeta...-Photo.jpg]

NOTE: Standing down in the creek is a metaphor for feeling small and weak, like i am less than human to these men. When I get my voice back i step up out of the creek.
Windy, this was a very powerful dream. Thanks for sharing.

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