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Radio Interview August 10, 2016
Luella and Tony have invited us back to their show, Best Years in Life!

The show begins at 6pm CENTRAL, and I don't come on until 7pm CENTRAL.

Website is here:
Can't wait! I'm sure it will be fascinating, good luck!
Thank you for the reminder! :-)
Good luck!
Good luck Eagle!
Just wanted to say that every time I hear one of these interviews I am struck by one thing - what an honor it is to have been led here to participate, in whatever way that I can. Eagle, I love hearing about the great work you are doing out in the world, and your vision for the NDC. And fellow members - I am humbled to be in your midst. Sometimes jealous of your incredible talents, mostly it just reminds me that we are all on roads that have led us here together.

I think a lot of us have been on hard, yet remarkable, paths these past few years. And I'm thankful to be here with each and every one of you.
Thanks everyone. I decided last night that I need to keep doing these interviews despite the busy hectic life I have. And keep doing them not to enlist new members, but rather to keep the NDC engaged in the real world. The real world freaking needs this type of organization. We are at just the beginning of something very beneficial to humanity. Looking forward to seeing continue to unfold.

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