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8/9/2016 10:14am Mayor Abducted after attack on city hall
I am in the body of a man, he is the Mayor. I am unsure of the city, or state.
Short black hair, white male, Mid 40s.

There is woman who is living in my house, blonde hair, blue eyes, dark soul. I believe she is depressed or has emotional problems, there is something not right about this woman. (I can not make out if the woman is a family member or if she is hired help such as a living in house keeper.)

I leave my house and I head down town for an event, Black tie.

It is still day light outside and I am now in the main building at city hall. There is some kind of commotion and i am ushered outside to my car. The driver is not in the car, and the commotion is getting closer, my body guard is shot. I run down the street and around the corner. I run through a fenced in park, there is an older black man in the park. I stop and i am standing behind a monument next to a stone/cement drinking fountain.
I pull out my cigar that i was savings, i take a few puffs before making my way back home.

Once I get home, the blonde haired woman tells me "this is for my daughter", (Her daughter is the one that was shooting up the place at city hall.) They grab me and my wife and take us down to the train tracks. They are seeking revenge. There is no escaping or bargaining for our lives.

My wife and I are strapped to the engine of a train, which will burn us alive once the coal is burning.

Upon waking I saw a train crashing into a wall. "End of the tracks" I hear the conductor say.

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