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So I tried to see what the world will look like in twenty years first. Was moving barrels of some liquid from point across a yard to a protected cave. Anyway we were going to do it by hand and someone said that's nuts so I went to get the backhoe and use the bucket to haul them. Another individual got the crawler working by using the stabilizing feat to push and somewhat steer. Then I woke.

Second trying to view closer events after the Olympics and don't think I did with either.

Anyway we were in Moab (where I'll be in ten days so maybe). We met some old friends who were trying to see something. We were doing off road driving to finish our long weekend.

Made it to town and needed fuel for us and the vehicle. So we stopped and were in mcdonalds or similar with more groceries. Found the bathroom and the owner was in there. He appeared to have restocked the paper towels. While going sons friend stood in front on the hole in the wall on the outside so no one could see me go not sure if I knew about it. Then the towels started flying off the shelf. I finished quickly found my group and was leaving when I asked if they had a ghost or someone died here. They said oh yes.

I left trying to catch up to my group saw them at the car. Hurried toward the car where they were got there and they had pulled out with me in the car I think but I was outside of it wondering what was going on and I woke

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