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PREDICTION: Mountain Homes Collapse
Intention: September news event

I was entertaining close friends at our new mountain home. We had wonderful large windows showing an expansive view of surrounding snow capped mountains . There were a few large upscale homes sitting precariously in the mountains. Some had large patios or decks straddling the rocks. I was pointing out the patio decks to my friends, as some type of new construction material had been used; looked like a dark brown concrete or wood composite.

We could observe some ice on the houses and patios. I noticed a dresser in the room was starting to tilt, and asked my friend to help steady it. As I glanced out the window I could see the patio of the home across from us start to crumble and then the surrounding homes begin to collapse.

I told my friends to forget the dresser and leave everything behind as we had to evacuate immediately.
When I googled ice in US mountains in September, Alaska came up.
Thanks, GG. In the dream, my friends and I were American. However, I remember thinking at some point that the mountains looked more like the Alps, with sharp peaks, and the houses were contemporary. Could have been the Rockies or Alaska or other part of the world.

The mountains in my dream looked like these:

[Image: a98d472f604f97da97c790eb2e7de727.jpg]

The houses were modern like the one in the photo, with very large decks or terraces spanning the rocks.

This mountain home in Alaska is similar to what I saw:
[Image: search?q=alaska+modern+mountain+home&rlz...N7zOKhM%3A]

I also wonder if the dream could be symbolic, perhaps of a mountainous country experiencing a financial or political collapse.
Looks like Jackson hole.

Wyoming has budget woes because of the demise in commodity prices. They could get worse as cattle prices are now down also.

Personally, the economic factors propping up the Jackson housing market are about to unwind

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I googled budget Wyoming and lots of news was in the feed about budget woes and further cuts would require layoffs. Peabody energy, a coal mining company, went bankrupt and caused a local school district to be out 1/3 of their finances while waiting for tax payments

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Thanks, yb, I was not aware of the Wyoming economic issues.
I'm in nw Colorado with coal, coal power, oil and livestock similarities to wyoming's economic base which afforded large surpluses until the last 24 months as coal and oil prices have crashed and now beef.

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I could see a collapse in resort town prices again.

Jellystone could become active and lots of other potential issues, but the last time I intended a future news event it happened immediately as opposed to the future as maybe it is so unsettled that one can only see a short distance into it.

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Mountain Home Air Base: F35 fighter jet caught fire in late September:

Mountain homes consumed by wildfire in late September:

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