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People eating crap
I had no intention, but I did remember the dream. Given what goes on in the world today, it should be considered day residue.

In the dream, I'm trying to reach a location in Canada. I don't know the city. I'm looking at a map, and I'm plotting the course to get there. We are on bikes. We go up 17th street, and make some turns trying to get to 24th street. We don't know exactly where we are, we continue to look at the street signs. Eventually we get to an intersection and see that it is 24th street. I believe we turn right. We have not gotten to our final destination. There is a barn that we come across, filled with hay. There are people in the barn. I see either a horse or a cow take what is an enormous sized dump, approximately 3 feet across. There are multiple dumps of this size that I can see in the barn. The people in the barn are for some reason reaching down and scooping up from one of these giant dumps. I watch as they bite in and eat what they've scooped. I notice that the dumps have giant corn kernals in them.

As they are chowing down, I approach them and state "You do realize that you are eating shit?"

The people look at me, and look at what's in there hands, and respond "Well, you could have told us that sooner. You were watching us eat this for a while."


I woke up after the response. I had to stifle laughter for about 10 minutes so I wouldn't wake my wife up. I had more or less forgotten about this until I read a joke on Facebook, which reminded me of my dream so I couldn't stop laughing again.
Well, you are right. Some people DO have to be told when they're being fed crap. Can't figure it out for themselves! Hahaha!!!!

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