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8/31/16 Breaking Teeth
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breaking teeth north village multiple
A series of Earthquakes , the strongest measuring 7.1 has hit near North Island, New Zealand.
Tsunami warnings have been issued and at least one has been confirmed.

* note, this is not the first time teeth has been used to describe an earthquake in a bot run.
Roller teeth coaster was in the botrun for the Nepal quake in April 25th, 2015..  That quake happened on the day of the botrun, but most of the US was sleeping when it occurred at around 2:00am East Coast time so day residue is unlikely and the world earthquake was not actually mentioned in that run.  It is my opinion we should be thinking of a possible earthquake scenario when we see teeth, especially if there is an" action word"/ verb" connected to teeth which could describe an earthquake.
Question: doe the bot only crawl US sites? Eagle, can you clarify this for us?

I never thought about that before, and how it might factor into how the "collective" is read. I'm assuming if not just US, it would be geared towards English....
It isn't just the US. More than that I do not know. We get British spellings of words like mum and colour.

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