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Another disrobing furure
My least favorite type of dream.

So I like others had been altered to have super human strength and other qualities. Seemingly I had broken free from their control. They realized the flaw in me being the way I am., and started their attempt at creating chaos in a disjointed as opposed to syncronized attempt to create chaos.

Anyway that start facilitated me to try and disrupt part of their hopes. They had opened up a gate that allowed Giants to enter. The first building thAt I was in was small but had a room with treats that caused the Giants and people to go crazy.

I. Either stopped or learned enough of what they were doing to go to the next building and find the drugs. An evil one for there with me and they're "sith lord", for lack off a better term. He showed me giving it drugs (that I came to destroy) and that it was human I leaped to them took the drugs which made the controller happy believing I would go nuts. I show it I was generically altered also that the drugs meant nothing to me. I destroyed the drugs fight for not descending to chaos. And woke.

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