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The Roar
I'm in a car sitting behind the driver, my boyfriend's mom. He is sitting in the passenger seat next to her. We come to a stop light, and are waiting for the light to change, when this man comes up to her window and shoves his arm in the car, I guess trying to get her purse or something. BF and mom are screaming to lock the doors, which I do, but she gets flustered and can't get it done. I roll down my window, lean out and ROAR in this man's face. He leaps back startled, eyes just huge. I get out of the car, and start pursuing him, still roaring at him. A crowd has gathered and is cheering me on, but he disappears before I can catch him.

When I turn around, we are now riding on a bus. I get on for the rest of the trip. We come to a house, and everyone gets off but me. I see a tote bag that belongs to me shoved behind a seat, and am confused about why it's there. Then I realize my purse is missing, and I must've dropped it when the man tried to get into our car.

I go into the house to find my boyfriend, but he is nowhere to be found. There are women in one room who seem familiar to me, but they haven't seen him. The next room has a group of unfamiliar men, and they haven't seen him either. I get a bad impression from the men, as if they're plotting something, and I may have disturbed them. I'm afraid for my safety, as I think they may have to "deal" with me.
I like the roaring part of the dream. Big Grin
It was pretty awesome (and completely unlike me!)
And I just recalled something odd. The tote bag in question, I got at the MGM Grand in Vegas years ago. It has an embroidered lion on it. ROAR Big Grin

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