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House Hunting Dream, 9.29.16, am
I am a passenger in a vehicle that is flying off the ground. I look at the driver, he is not human and wearing a type of uniform. I ask, where are we going? He says, "we are going to look at places for you to live. You need to let me know what you type of dwelling you want to live in." I told him, thank you. End of dream.

Afterthoughts: In the dream I am related in some way to the driver.
Hi Julie, you say he is not human. Did he look human, and you just felt he was not, or did he look alien in some way?

And did you get a sense of how you were related to him?
Had a somewhat similar dream last night
GG - I was looking through pictures of aliens online and found one similar to what I saw in my dream. These aliens are on the TV show Falling Skies. Not sure about how we were related.

Ybul0229 - Did you post your dream here? Would like to read it if you did.

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Wow. I don't think I would've been that calm. Big Grin
I have seen lots of different beings in dream time over the years. In dream time I feel /see/connect with the Spirit of the individual.
I suppose in dream time I have evolved to look past the outer shell. Would be nice if I could do that during awake time. I am not good at reading people.

(09-30-2016, 05:43 PM)Goldengirl Wrote: Wow. I don't think I would've been that calm.  Big Grin
That's my gig, reading people by way of energy and emotion. I say I wouldn't be calm, but if i could read his signature and I was good with him, yeah, I would be calm.

My trips to Walmart are a scream. Depending on my energy levels, I can range from sponge to very low levels of knowing what's going on. Still working on that one. Big Grin

The folks that really scare me are the opaque ones; can't read them at all. Don't know if it has to do with shielding on their part, or a lack of true emotion on a psychological level, as in a sociopath/psychopath. I suppose it could be either. Most people are wide open broadcasters.

Of course, most people don't even believe in being able to read each other that way, so they just go about life like it doesn't matter. Broadcasting to the world. And there are so many that CAN read energy, but they don't believe either, so it's like you're on a rollercoaster of emotions that just plain aren't yours.

Been there, done that.
Wasn't anything special about it, except that I was being led to a place that would have a house I would like, it was retirement like a pool lots of stone houses( live in a log one and bees are burrowing into it) he led me to the place and then disappeared. Not an alien, but someone taking me elsewhere to housing arrangements , which seemed like a spa compared to what I have now. So maybe it's longing as I work way too hard.

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Ybul0229 - Does sound similar to what I dreamed, being led to housing. I live in an old wood house that is in dire need of repair. I love stone houses in dry climates so your sounds heavenly. I lived in an adobe house once and loved the cool walls on a hot summer day. Last night I tried to dream more about this dream, but nothing.

GG - Do you ever wonder if the opaque ones are on med's? I sometimes think that certain med's can change a person's Spirit. I can sometimes read people's Spirits while talking on the phone. I think it's because I can't see the person with my eyes, so I use my Spirit to see them. And I can tell other things about them. Like if I'm on the phone talking with someone and they make a comment like, "I wonder if I'm going to get the job I interviewed for today?" The answer will pop into my mind.

I don't think I would like what you can do, seeing that much. However, I would love to be able to do that just once while at WalMart. Tongue
If someone is on drugs it's usually harder for them to hide their energy. It's made me feel dizzy just to be around someone like that.

I wish I could see more of what's going on. I usually only feel the emotions and energy, not what's causing it. Crowds make me anxious. Too many people, too much emotion.
Just had a memory come back to me that I had about 6 months ago. That memory lead me to this House Hunting dream that I'd forgotten about. The memory I had today was about how I would like to live next door to a certain relative of mine.

I also thought, there is no way I could afford a house in that neighborhood. I then checked real estate listings in their neighborhood and saw a house next door to them for sale. Of course I don't have that kind of money, so it will have to come supernaturally to me. I smiled and said a little prayer. Angel
Drugs leave a person wide open. Even if they know how to shield, it will be ineffective, especially if they're on narcotics of any kind. Worst thing someone sensitive can do is use drugs or get drunk. While I have no problem with using certain herbs to help with journeys, those need to be used with supervision and not by someone who has never done so or isn't trained in the use. In my case, I wouldn't simply because I haven't been trained.

I pick up on energy from everywhere. Photos, TV, movies, real life, the phone, you name it, I can sense it. Trust me, I'm not bragging about this. It was quite the burden until I learned how to be aware of the energies but not affected by it. A lot of that has to do with doing my own work, my own healing, and raising my personal vibrations so my vibrations aren't compatible with those flowing around me. Most of the time I don't even bother shielding myself but I can snap up a shield in an eyeblink if I feel someone feeding on people's energy. Those people tend to leave those who are aware alone and go after the unaware, the easy prey(And yes, when an energy vampire is hunting, the rest of us are potential prey).

I don't worry about the opaque people. It's one of their skills, not being able to be read easily but it doesn't mean they're invisible. OTOH, I'm married to an energetic black hole. If you were scanning for his energy, you wouldn't find him. Not only that, anyone near him is invisible. He just sucks in the scanning energy. I've been told that the opaque people are unusual but not rare. The spouse, however, is unusual AND rare, because he doesn't leave a blip on a tracker's radar. They flat just scan over him. Believe me, he's handy to have around when I'm dealing with crap. Big Grin
DLP - That is so interesting about your hubby. I've heard about that type of energy, makes sense though and yes would be very handy. I have to avoid energy vampires because I'm such an open Spirit.
Um...I hate to break this to you but just trying to avoid the energy vamps won't be sufficient, especially if you're wide open and not making any effort to shield yourself. You might be able to avoid the blatant attempts to hook on, but those are just the feelers to scope out your level of protection. Then will come the subtle attempts, the ones you'll probably not even feel coming. Then they will have access to you, whether you're in proximity or not.

Seriously, there are energy vamps who are very skilled at creating links to people without them even knowing it's been done. The reality of vamps is nowhere near how stories and movies portray them. They are everywhere and a lot of them troll places where there are lots of people. They don't have to even touch you. They just have to feel a tasty morsel of energy and follow it back to the source and dinner is served. And because a link has been created, they will have access to their food any time and place they want.

I'm not being critical. I'm simply trying to stress the importance of learning to shield yourself so you don't get snagged and end up needing someone like me to get you unsnagged. Yes, you can ask God and angels for protection but consider this: Maybe part of your journey is learning how to deal with such things so you can help others and the best way to learn is to be exposed and have to find out on your own what to do to get unsnagged.

I wasn't going to say anything but I'm a messenger and got smacked upside the head with this message. Make of it what you will.

Edited to remove an extraneous punctuation mark.
Thank you DLP Big Grin
Update: the house next to the relative sold and no I didn't buy it.

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