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Creepy Ghost Man and Lizard woman
I had this dream 9/29/2016 and can only remember bits and pieces of it.

There was a woman who came to me and asked if I was Elyse. I told her I was, and she said she needed my help, grabbed my hand, and dragged me to this place that happened to have a huge storage building built onto it. She told me that there was a bad ghost here and she wanted me to "talk" to it. Well, I have little experience with this sort of thing, in fact, I tend to avoid things like this and so, I tried to tell her that I did not want any part of this... but she cried and cried saying that if I didn't do something, the ghost would get worse and worse until he killed someone and so I told her I'd "Do my best" not knowing what I could really do about it.

I walked around the storage building with her for a while... and I didn't notice anything. Seemed like I would get one of those sinking gut feelings or feeling of dread when I was near something. I felt okay. And so I turned to tell her that I didn't think anything was there, but when I turned to her, far behind her sort of hidden in the shadows was this ghost man. Very tall, wearing black. His face was white. I don't think he had a mouth. It was just a white face with black on and around his eyes... it was very creepy. When I saw him, I didn't say anything because it would just scare the woman more. And anyway, I didn't feel anything evil, I think I was mostly just creeped out by the way this guy looked... all hidden in the shadows... looking like something I'd expect to see out of a horror film.

In the dream, I had to come back to this place several times. Every time I came back, the ghost seemed to get closer and closer to me. It didn't scare me, but it did make me a bit nervous. I tried to talk to him a few times, but he never said anything back. He just watched me with empty, black eyes. During one of my visits I was walking with this woman near a loading dock next to the ocean. As I walked with her, I was pushed down by some invisible force and then dragged towards the ocean by it. I grabbed at the wood planks as I was being dragged, afraid that whatever had me would try to drown me in the ocean, but then whatever it was stopped, and I looked up and the super creepy ghost man was looking into the direction I was being pulled and then down at me. I think he saved me. Dude still had all the makings of a horror film ghost, even up close, but wasn't really scary to me at all. I got up and thanked him, and he just stared at me for a while. The woman who had asked for my help then walked up to me and put her arm around his... and informed me they were to be married. I looked at her. She had yellow snake eyes now. I could see that she had clear-ish iridescent scales around her face and all up her arms, and there was a semi-visible tail coming out from under her old fashioned dress. For a split moment I felt like I should not be surprised... this is the way things must be... and then woke up.
First thought on reading this dream was "Well, great. The shadow people and the Reptilians are forming an alliance."

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