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10/28/16 Why is 2016 Surging?
Trending: 2016 wed baby fri received fair kinda hours last needs plane should passed cross long world empty neck padding dream pink unfortunately filled beside wear touch finding dick telling feeling
Waning: alien met snakes jump clear cat field demon eye fire day computer window flight futuristic soon snake dog contract mon

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

cross long world empty

I find that part disturbing. Reminds me of the traveling dreams with a world quite a bit less (population-wise and technology-wise) than where we are at currently.
The whole run is unsettling.
I agree, very disturbing. A mom in the post office today told me her 7 year old is having nightmares about the election. At home she guards her from the news, but kids at school are talking about it! Crazy world... So sad.

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