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20161109-The Clarity Treatment
20161109-Dream-The Clarity Treatment
05:45 PST, 08:10 Local Mean Sidereal Time

I am at an office in a city. A salesman is making a pitch for a new Treatment. I watch as he places himself into a giant plastic bag. The bag is attached to a huge machine, and while the salesman talks, the machine pulls the air out of the bag. He is vacuum-packing himself.
“Does anyone have any questions?” he says from inside the vacuum pack.
“How do you breathe in there?” I ask him.
“Easy!” he replies. “The vacuum seal is so tight and the surface area of the bag is so large that breathing is no longer necessary. All the oxygen needed transits across the membrane of the seal, directly into the bloodstream of the Treated Patient. Tiresome breathing is no longer necessary.”
Encouraged, I pressed him a little further. “What happens when you have to pee? And, you know, #2?”
The salesman, still in plastic, laughs easily. “I have to admit,” he says, “at first it is uncomfortable. But the plastic membrane prevents moisture from leaving the body as well as from getting in. All the moisture a person needs is retained inside the plastic. All needed energy comes directly through the plastic.”
The question mark must have been written across my face. He continued, “Oh the discomfort subsides after a short time, and it is true that the stool and urine condense and thicken. But consider the enormous benefits of The Treatment! With no need for movement or body maintenance, even the most routine functions, the mind is freed. There is an enormous clarity of perception, thought, communication. Sight and insight are brought into sharp focus by The Treatment,” he continued.
I notice that though he is communicating, the salesman has stopped talking. The words must be going directly into my mind. Maybe there is something to it.
He has pointed our attention to a video presentation. The Treatment leads to weight loss as well. I am staring at the time lapse video. It is true that the person in plastic is losing weight as time passes. He seems to be smiling. He is becoming tanned with more and more time, and the tan is getting darker. His smile gets wider and wider. I suddenly notice that his permanently open eyes have a white film over them. Surely he can no longer see. There cannot be clarity of vision in these useless eyes. His lips are pulled back from the teeth, and the bones of his neck are starting to protrude. I catch my breath as I realize this person is dead.

I stayed up too late to hear Donald Trump's acceptance speech as President-elect. Perhaps that had something to do with this ghastly dream of a charlatan who almost convinces me of the benefits of slow death in a shrink-wrapper.

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