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Bombs being planted and no one cares
I woke up this morning having this dream:

I was outside an old building - red stone with grey stone trim similar to many buildings built in the 1880-90s.  The front grounds were all torn up and muddy so I think it was supposed to be in renovations.  I was there with I think two or three people that I don't know in waking life.  There were number of teenagers around so this may be an old high school.  

I saw a man in a hoodie put a tied up grocery bag under something and I thought, that's weird.  So I kept watching him and I saw him take another from his pocket and hide it somewhere else.  He did this walking towards the entrance of the building.  One he put behind the stairs so when he went in the building I pulled it out and opened it up.  Inside was what looked like strange batteries.  I thought this looks like a bomb, so I threw it and it exploded and a small amount of dirt and mud flew up.  I turned to go into the building to warn people.

There were 3 teenagers on a balcony who were laughing and throwing stuff at me.  I thought, what the hell?  I ran into the building and grabbed one of the adults I came with and told them we had to clear the area, someone's planting bombs here!  She looked at me like I was crazy.  I yelled for everyone to leave, there's a bomb and then ran outside waving my arms telling people to leave somebody's planting bombs.  The bomber walked up to me and handed me one of the bags.  In it was an old VHS horror movie with these batteries around it.  I looked up at his face, he was grinning and he had very rotten jagged teeth; his face was dirty and clothing disheveled, he was white with dirty blonde hair aged around early 30s.  I asked him why he was doing this and he just laughed and shrugged his shoulders then walked away.

I tossed the bag as far away as I could, and it blew up in a shower of mud and dirt - it was pretty powerful.  

Then I woke up.

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