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Wartime Heroes Come Back as Apparitions
I don't have time to type this whole dream but it was vivid and memorable.

I was at an outside party. Standing at the edge of one open tent stake. Couple people got freaked out about what showed up on their camera as they were filming. They began showing everyone and some people mentioned that I should analyze the film. Turns out a mysterious, phantom outline of a body was clearly in the video, standing about 20 feet away, further inside the open tent. But there was a lot more....he was also clearly attempting to GET ATTENTION. He moved this way and that. Got closer. Went further. Got darker to the point we could almost make out his face. Something in my said, "Harry."

So I started to walk towards where the video showed the apparition and started yelling, "Harry." I started to feel scared and remembered to relax, realizing that fear would reduce my chances of meeting up with this apparition. Suddenly I was in Harry's Korean War plane! He was crying historically. I calmed him and got him to focus. He told me I needed to go see one of his buddies, so I instantaneously ended up in some dorm or military living space. I can't remember his name, but he had a neck that was completely replaced by bionic hinge. I acted friendly to this character, as if I'd known him forever, but clearly I just met him. He finally noticed me and talked to me. I asked if his neck was painful, he said "No." I got the impression that he loves his bionic neck. I spent the rest of the dream talking to this character, but I don't remember what we talked about. I know I spent time asking about his weird costume, which included what looked like a dish rack hanging from his bionic neck. He explained what he used it for, but I don't remember.

Suddenly I zoomed back to the tent party. I spent the rest of the time explaining my experiences to the friends who had seen the apparition. Basically, we were all in awe that these wartime hero vets had come back to get attention.

I really wish that I asked about WHY they wanted to get attention....that never really came out in the dream.

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