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1/7/2016 10:55pm Sick Murder & Torture
I am at my father's house, I am visiting. I have a little brother I see him both as a little boy, and the torture my father inflicts upon him and then i see him as a grown man and how it has affected him. My little brother is older then me, so I believe the little brother is a metaphor for someone who is small or simple thinking, or who has an emotional arrested development.

I try to get my brother out of the house and I hide him at some guys house down the street. We are hiding in the garage. This man has a very gentle soul and he generally wants to help me, but all of his family is pushing him to leave me alone. He gives me money to help me out of this situation and to get my brother out of my fathers house.

I am now back in my father house in the spare bedroom, for some reason I am there with the wall open and I am looking at three very old, decaying corpses which have been placed into the wall, side by side at the same time. This scene is of a man who is purse evil. As the police pull the bodies out of the wall and investigate it turns out that that it is a woman and her two daughters ages 17 & 18.

After DNA it turns out this is my father's first wife and his first two daughters. I am shocked because I didn't know he ever had other spouses or kids. As the investigation continues I find out more disturbing facts, like the wifes throat was slit. She was sodomized post motum. The two daughters, both were bound side by side on the bed, one was blind folded and the other was made to watch her sister being raped. My father raped these woman repeatedly.

The details of this scene is so hard to watch. All of the details of what he did to them, from close pins on parts of their bodies to make them scream, then he would gag them so that the screams were muffled. I was seeing all of these acts in real time.

NOTES: Upon waking a realized that the man was not my biological father, I saw my own father's face in the place of this man to give him a place holder, just like my brother was not the little boy, not my real life brother, but a place holder for who I was dreaming about and how I should relate that in waking life.

WHERE: This took place in a suburb I believe the setting might be in Michigan because of the man who was helping me looked just like Marty Lagina from the TV show the curse of Oak Island.

WHEN: The initial discovery is taking place within the next 3 months, but the investigation and prosecution will take years.
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